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Platinum Shield Car Cover

What are the advantages and disadvantages of car covers?

Car covers can be an essential accessory for any car owner. They provide a protective layer to shield your vehicle from the elements and prevent potential damage. However, like any product, car covers come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let's explore the benefits and drawbacks of using car covers, as well as discuss the features of covers that make them an excellent choice for protecting your vehicle.

Disadvantages of Car Covers

  • Moisture Retention: If a car cover becomes wet or is not breathable, it may trap moisture against your vehicle's surface. Moisture trapped under a cover can lead to mold, mildew and rust.
  • Paint Abrasion: Car covers that are not well-fitted or made from abrasive materials can lead to scratches or wear. Damage from rubbing on your car's clear coat, can get down to the paint, and sometimes even the metal.
  • Removal & Storage: The more frequently you are driving the car that you are covering, the more inconvenient it can be to make sure it's always covered when not in use. Properly storing the cover only adds to this time.
  • Cover Blows Off: In high winds, car covers can be blown off the car. This becomes more of a problem if the cover is not fitted, or restrained to the vehicle.
  • Wrong/Poorly Sized: An ill-fitting cover may not provide adequate protection. Too small, and you aren't protecting the entire surface. Too large and you run the risk of abrasion, and early signs of wear and tear.
poorly fit car cover Covers

  • Breathability: covers are made from material that allow moisture to escape, but also have a water-resistant coating causing most water to shed off the cover after making contact.
  • Soft Fleece Lining: covers come with fleece linings on the inside of the cover, preventing scratches and wear to the clear coat, minimizing damage over time, decreasing the likelihood of harm to the exterior of the vehicle, even with frequent removal and application of the cover.
  • Easy Installation: With covers being lightweight, and having a sewn in tag directing the user which side is the front, installation and removal of the cover is easy and not very time consuming. With our included storage bag with every cover, there is a convenient place to store the cover while not in use.
  • Cover Security: With sewn in elastic hems, optional gust strap wind protectors, and our cable & lock system, there are multiple ways to keep your cover on your vehicle. From high winds to would-be thieves, keeping your cover secure is our concern, as much as it is yours.
  • Cover Fit Guarantee: offers semi-custom fit covers that are designed to fit specific car makes and models. This guarantees a snug fit for your car, providing optimal protection against various elements.

Additional Cover Benefits

  • UV Protection: Our covers are chemically treated to help prevent your car's paint from prolonged sun exposure, reducing fading and keeping the interior cool, even on hot summer days.
  • All-Weather Protection: Whether you live in a region with scorching heat like Arizona, heavy rain like Washington, or snow like Colorado, covers has options designed to withstand all weather conditions. They are water-resistant, UV treated and breathable. Ensuring that your car remains dry and protected, no matter the forecast.

snow covered vehicle

With covers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is well-protected against the elements, scratches, and UV damage. The combination of breathability, soft fleece linings, semi-custom fitment, UV protective coatings, and all-weather performance makes these covers the perfect choice for any car owner who wants to keep their vehicle in excellent condition.

Don't let the weather dictate the condition of your car. Take control, give your vehicle the care it deserves today. Our selection of high-quality car covers is specifically designed to offer superior protection for your vehicle, no matter the make or model. Use our cover finder to find the right cover size, and look at the cover options we have for your vehicle.