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Announcing The 2019 Scholarship Essay Winner

By Ryan Wegman January 20, 2020 639 Views No comments

First of all, we want to thank all of the participants who entered the essay contest this year, we've received so many amazing stories, and essays about how to make your cars last forever. Hats off to all of you who took the time to enter this contest! We greatly appreciate your participation. And, NOW, we're just so excited to announce the 2019 car covers essay contest winner she’s a real peach straight outta Georgia…

Well I guess you could call her a peach and her story too, I tell you what, we were captivated by it. From the time from before this little lady got her first car and the attitude she took once, she owned it too.

“Everyone always feminizes their cars so I was adamant that my car was a boy. My sister called him Big Sexy and that name has stuck ever since. When I got in my car it had 19k miles on it. It had been in an accident on the front passenger side. The previous owner fixed it and decided to let it go to the auction. My stepdad already had a wash bucket full of supplies so I took it to the car wash and hand washed it…

It’s always been my mantra to never let the “professionals” tell you about something you’re in every single day. I don’t go to the doctor without an idea of my prognosis and I don’t take Big Sexy to Ford unless I couldn’t personally fix it. I coached myself to believe that if I could take it apart and put it back together, then I could do anything. Before long, my friend TJ taught me everything I needed to know. It wasn’t long before I started changing timing belts, alternators and wheel bearings in the driveway”

It's a rare breed of lady that just doesn't mind getting your hands dirty diving in and ripping off intake manifolds and timing cover plates and gaskets and getting her nails dirty and even breaking them, but this little gal did.

She got the car, she started driving it and she told herself that if it broke she was not going to rely on a mechanic. This young lady has quite a story she shared with us and we’re honored that she took the time to do.

That story made me rekindle the times of my youth with my first car, although I wasn't lucky enough to own a Ford Mustang GT like Miss Janee was, the memories are still great.

Congratulations to our 2019 Essay Contest Winner.

How to keep your car or truck looking its very best for the length of ownership.

By Ryan Wegman May 14, 2019 539 Views No comments

How to keep your car or truck looking its very best for the length of ownership.

Your "wheels," your "get around town mobile," your "grocery getter," your "weekend warrior," the "daily driver"; no matter what you call it or use it for, there is one thing that’s certain: we all want our vehicles to look their very best. Have you started noticing your car or truck is getting old? Do you feel like you are not the only one that has noticed the faded paint, scratches and oxidation? Do you feel like giving your car a face-lift?

You aren’t alone. There are preventative measures you can take to help protect your vehicle from harsh elements and daily paint destroying threats; for example, simply using a high-quality cover like the Platinum Shield car cover or the Platinum Shield truck cover goes a long way to help prevent premature cosmetic issues on your "weekend warrior".

When it comes to automobile ownership, you know that anything mechanical will eventually wear out or break down, and the cost of those repairs can be quite expensive. According to the Travel Services Giant AAA, the average repair cost is between $500 & $600, and the average cost of owning and operating a vehicle, AAA said, is about $8,500 this figure includes monthly payments, insurance, and gas. AAA says “that 1 out of every 3 motorists cannot afford to pay the repair bill without incurring some form of debt.”

That’s some serious cash flowing out of your bank account each and every month, and this isn’t even counting the unforeseen issues that come from daily use & storage of your car or truck. The daily debris, dirt, construction dirt, enemies from above and harsh grime from below all are threats to your car or truck’s finish. These repairs can cost from several hundred to several thousands of dollars to correct; in some cases exceeding $1800 for these cosmetic repairs.

Here are three quick, simple, and effective things you can do to make your vehicle look like it did the day you bought it. These tips will change the way you and your friends look at your vehicle!

#1 Waxing your car is fairly quick and easy. The best part is the return on investment! When you properly wax your vehicle, the exterior will shine like it did the day you bought it. This will help to keep the appraised value and resell value higher VS. no maintenance whatsoever.

#2 Removing paint residue left on by another vehicle is something you do not have to take your vehicle to a professional to have the paint residue removed. You can quite easily do it yourself!

#3 Vacuuming the interior of your vehicle can give a whole new life to your interior. Your seats and carpets will look and smell better than they have in years!

In the long-run, one of the most inexpensive ways to protect your car or truck is by shielding its finish from any and all harsh threats. Vehicle protection is a major part of resale or trade-in value. To protect your vehicle, use a quality cover like the Platinum Shield Truck Cover to protect your investment for years to come.

Introducing The All New Indoor Black Satin Shield Truck Cover From CarCovers.com

By Ryan Wegman May 13, 2019 470 Views No comments

You've dreamed about this moment for a while now, and it's finally happened. Your beautiful new truck is sitting in your garage, all threats that could cause harm to it have been removed from the immediate area. You're about to head inside to grab an ice-cold beverage and then it happens, the family runs out to see your new truck.

Images of fingerprints, smudges, oil prints all race through your mind, the dollar signs start adding up as you assess the situation that is about to unfold. You feel your gut wrench with the impending repair bill. It's your worst nightmare come true, and uncontrollably you shout "KEEP AWAY FROM THE TRUCK!" Instantly you realize what just happened, the embarrassment takes over and you're standing there with a blank stare as everyone is glaring back at you.

That's when it hits you like a ton of bricks, the lightbulb goes off & it's like being struck by a lightning bolt, you think "if I only had a nice soft truck cover to protect it, this would have never happened."

You snap back to reality, realizing the grave error in judgment you just made, seeing everyone's face staring back at you in total shock and amazement of what

Read the full story here...

How to get your UTV ready for summer fun

By Ryan Wegman May 8, 2019 2850 Views

he excitement is in the air, the temperatures have warmed up, the sun is shining and the snowpack is melting. You're full of excitement and anticipation like a little kid on Christmas morning who is eagerly waiting for everyone to get up so you can go open presents.

You get dressed and run out to the garage, you quickly remove your UTV cover, and immediately you start staring at your UTV with that googly-eyed adoring look, your eyes meet the shiny finish of your clean and shiny UTV. She's as beautiful now as she was when you covered her up for the long winter season last fall.

Get Ready For Summer Savings - Order Your UTV Cover Today.

You've anticipated this moment since you heard that winter had officially ended and spring was in full effect. You've spent many sleepless nights worrying if your UTV is really going to be protected under its cover. Now that that weight has been removed from your shoulders, it's time to get ready for fun in the sun.

Here are a few tips to get your UTV ready to ride for the summer:

  1. You've got to start from the ground up. Check your air pressure to ensure adequate pressure is in all 5 tires including the spare tire. No one wants to get left stranded out in the middle of the dunes.
  2. You'll want to jack up your UTV and then check the wheel bearings, spin each tire, listen for grinding or any odd noises. The last thing you want is to seize or break a bad bearing.
  3. Next, reattach any disconnected battery cables, make sure you have clean and solid connections. Don't leave any loose connections at the terminals.
  4. You'll also want to take the time to inspect the brake pads, brake lights, and head/taillights too.
  5. Check all air and fuel filters to ensure they are clean and not in need of replacement.
  6. Inspect all fuel lines, rubber hoses and belts. Look for cracking, leaking, or any visible signs of wear that need attention.
  7. Check the cooling system, power steering system, engine and transmission oils to be sure all levels are full and at their correct fluid level. Now's a great time to service the engine oil & filter before you leave on your trip.
  8. Check your suspension, shocks, and CV joint boots for tears, leaks and exposed bearings.

Order your UTV Cover Today!>

Now that you’ve inspected your UTV and determined it’s ready for some hard riding, you are ready for some fun and excitement. Be sure to keep yourself healthy and safe while playing in the hot summer sun.

  1. Pack plenty of water and keep it accessible in the UTV, hot sun, winds and dry heat is a great recipe for dehydration.
  2. Pack your safety gear, helmets, leather jackets, boots, gloves, goggles or sunglasses too.
  3. Don't push yourself too hard, Allow ample time for breaks and cooling off periods.

When the ride is over and you are on your way home, remember UTV owners do not have to fear not being able to protect your toy from the harsh seasonal elements. With a quality UTV cover, you have a great solution to protect your UTV all season long.

Simply unload the trailer, wash or wipe down the dirt, dust, and debris from your UTV, then after it is all dry and ready to put away, throw your UTV cover back on your toy to keep it looking fresh and ready for the next fun run.,/div>

​Getting Your Jet Ski Ready For Fun In The Summer Sun

By Ryan Wegman May 1, 2019 4346 Views

It's finally here, summertime is here! The sun is out the temperature is heating up. It's time to go hit the water. But, before you do, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before taking your jet ski out on the water. First, you'll want to remove your jet ski cover to get started.

You've already taken care of the weatherization on your jet ski before you put it away for the winter at the end of last season. Now it's time to do post weatherization on your jet ski and get it ready for the lake or ocean once again.

Before you fire up the jet ski for the first time this season, you want to address some basic maintenance issues such as draining out any old fuel or oil that's been left in the machine over the winter. Old oil or fuel can become thick and full of sludge which will lead to performance issues or even mechanical failure of your jet ski.

You'll also want to pull out the spark plugs, inspect them, clean them up or replace them if they are fouled. Then you'll also want to check your electrical connection for the battery and the ignition systems on the jet ski to make sure that you have a good solid electrical connection that won't leave you stranded out on the water like a floating duck. If they electrical connections are loose or corroded, clean them and tighten them.

Next, you'll want to make sure your jet ski battery is fully charged. Visually inspect all of the rubber belts and hoses on your watercraft such as fuel hoses, cooling hoses, belts, and cables to make sure they are in good condition – not cracked, frayed or broken.

A broken fuel line, loose electrical connection or damaged throttle cable is a sure way to bring a quick end to your summer fun. A little time spent prior to casting off will save you hours of frustration later.

After you have finished the visual inspections, it's time to test your watercraft. You'll want to hook up a flush kit to your jet ski and test everything out before you actually take your jet ski out to the water. Be sure to use the manufacturers directions when using the flush kit so that you don't cause any internal engine damage.

Now that you verified your jet ski is ready to run the water, the last thing you're going to want to do is make that jet ski shine. Get out your wax, and spruce up the exterior of your jet ski so you and your machine look like $1,000,000 when you're jetting across the water.

You may have heard the old saying “penny-wise and pound foolish.” Take the little steps to ensure you, your family and friends are going to stay safe on the water. Invest the time now before you leave on your summer vacation, and take the precaution to inspect your jet ski thoroughly before it's too late.

Don't let the TLC stop there, invest in a quality cover for your jet ski from CarCovers.com. You've spent the time inspecting and preparing for the summer season, and you know you want to keep your jet ski looking new and fresh all season, too. A high quality Jet ski cover is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to do that.

You don't need to worry about the sun, the rain or the snow causing damage to your jet ski. When you cover your jet ski with a high quality cover, you can rest assured that your jet ski is well protected when you're on vacation or when you're back at work in the office waiting for the weekend, knowing that your jet ski is stay safe and protected.

Announcing The CarCovers.com 2018 Essay Scholarship Winner

By Ryan Wegman April 15, 2019 656 Views No comments

In an undisclosed location in Southern California, we discovered a diamond in the rough. Her assignment was to write about "How To Make Your Car Last Forever."

She starts off by capturing her readers' attention with an all too common statement of how many people treat their cars: "It starts with my previous car, which was a Chrysler Town and Country Minivan. I treated this car in very inappropriate ways, I never checked the fluids, the tires would need to be showing threads before I would get new ones. If it was knocking or pinging, I would wait till the noise was too loud to ignore or there was smoke coming out of the engine before I would have it looked at. Even then, I would have just anyone who said they could work on cars, try their hand at fixing the problem, sometimes for the cheapest price possible."

It was then that we knew we had a winner. A true storyteller; one that made an impression on us, to say the least. She captivated us with bold statements like when she said: "I also had 4 teens living at home and the debris and damage they inflicted on this car was so abusive, it was borderline criminal."

None of these statements had anything to do with making a car last forever. In fact, the statements were more like "How To Make Sure Your Car Doesn't Last Forever." But it's these details that are actually making the point: making the car the hero — even though it's not at the forefront of the story as the main character, but more of the supporting character role in the story. By the end of the story... Click here to continue

Introducing The All New Indoor Black Satin Shield Jet Ski Cover From CarCovers.com

By Ryan Wegman April 10, 2019 508 Views No comments

Introducing The All New Indoor Black Satin Shield Jet Ski Cover From CarCovers.com

There you are reclining in your Lazy-Boy chair, dreaming about all of the waves you've been hitting with your new jet ski all summer long; blazing across the lake or the bay like a turbo-powered missile, and tackling the biggest challenges and thrills that come your way. Now it's winter, and all you can do is think about how much fun you had with your watercraft over the extended summer period.

Countless weekends hitting the waves, and weeknights cleaning, tuning and pampering your summertime fun ride. As the cold winter months linger and you begin longing for the warm summer sun to beat against your face once again, you decide it's time to go out and give your pride and joy some quality time.

When you get to the garage, you find your once beautiful and radiantly shining wave crusher looking more like a backyard treasure hunter's dream come true. Dust and dirt all over your gel coat, seat, and dashboard. Animal paw prints all over the dusty seat and hull – you even notice that some animal has been chewing your seat, your handle grips, and you're freaking out, going crazy with anger and remorse from not protecting your wave crusher better.

The dollar signs start adding up as you assess the situation. You feel your gut wrench with the impending repair bill. It's your worst nightmare come true.

Then, as you are starting to lose your mind and you're about to scream, you wake up realizing it was all only a dream.

You rush out to the garage, open the door and flip on the light. There is your summer fun all bundled up in a soft, luxurious cover. Protected from dust, dirt, light dings and abrasions. There's no paint damage, rodent inflicted damage, no dust, dirt or debris either. You smile to your self and say "I was prepared for a moment just like this."

Introducing CarCovers.com's newest product, The Indoor Black Satin Shield Jet Ski Cover.

This isn't your Dad's typical jet ski cover. If you want a cover with the best fit and made from the softest material for superior indoor protection for your jet ski, our Black Satin Shield is the best choice for supreme indoor protection.

The material is an ultra soft satin stretch fabric that hugs the body of your jet ski perfectly. This unique stretch-to-fit material creates a sleek and desirable look. It also features the softest liner out of all of our jet ski covers, providing the maximum protection for your jet ski!

The breathable characteristic of the satin stretch material naturally prevents mold, mildew, and rust. Keep your jet ski safely stored and looking its very best with an elegant, high-quality Satin Shield cover!

The double stitched seams provide fantastic durability. Our Black Satin jet ski cover has an elastic front and rear hem ensures a snug fit too.

So go back to your reclining, and know that you can relax worry free knowing your summertime pride and joy will continue to shine for many summers to come.

CarCovers.com Introduces Their Newest Product All-Season Weatherproof Golf Cart Covers

By Ryan Wegman April 9, 2019 426 Views No comments

    Apr 6, 2019 3:56:52 AM

    You'll rest comfortably knowing that your golfing buddy is warm and dry and resting up for next season. Peace of mind can also be yours in knowing that CarCovers.com Golf Cart Covers are made from weatherproof, water-resistant materials and they come with covered vents which allow the cover to shed water but also remain breathable.

    They are designed to provide superior protection from harsh elements like rain, snow, tree sap, bird droppings, and more. The covers are chemically treated to resist UV rays, naturally mold and mildew resistant, and they have elasticized hems to help ensure a snug fit. Your golf cart will rest comfortably during the cold winter wrapped up snuggly in a cover.

    CarCovers.com has Golf Cart Covers to fit all standard sizes of golf carts from 2 - 6 passenger up to 140" in length.

    CarCovers.com is the leader in the car cover industry. They carry a wide selection of products to fit everything on land and on the water. Featuring full product lines for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorsports such as motorcycles, ATVs & UTVs, and now golf cart covers, too.

    Introducing Our Latest Product - Sleek, Sexy Black Satin Indoor Motorcycle Covers And Scooter Covers

    By Ryan Wegman April 5, 2019 446 Views No comments

    CarCovers.com introduces its all-new Black Satin Shield Motorcycle Cover lineup to motorcycle buffs all around the nation. This new line of motorcycle covers has our customers raving about these awesome high-quality indoor dust covers. Let's face it, you don't want to have dirt and dust all over your showpiece all winter long, you've worked hard at bringing your pride and joy back to life and it deserves to be treated and pampered like royalty.

    CarCovers.com Black Satin Shield Motorcycle Cover is the highest customer rated and best-received product line to date. With an incredible 10 year warranty, your classic ride, sportbike, big dog touring road king or daily driver won't be left sitting in a cold and dark garage. Instead, it will be covered in a sleek and snug cover staying safely protected from whatever is lurking about in your garage or storage facility.

    Summertime for many a rider is when the fun begins. We roll out the iron horse, dust off the chrome, wax the tank and spend countless hours polishing them up before we even think about getting caught riding out on the open road. We spend the weekend preparing our precious bikes for the grueling dog days of summer. Dreaming about far-off destinations, adventure rides in our own local hometown area and day escapes for that feeling that just can't be explained to a non-motorcyclist. Read full article here

    Announcing The 2017-2018 CarCovers.com Essay Scholarship Winner

    By John Linden January 24, 2018 398 Views No comments

    Pittsburg, Ca. Announcing the winner of the CarCovers.com 2017-2018 “How to Make Your Car Last Forever” Essay Scholarship Contest Winner. Ms. TB Justice from TN.

    She so vividly captured the true essence of what truly makes a car last forever. Her essay started with quick-witted insights about our modern car culture. “Cars are an integral part of our lives.” and they are. With many people, a car isn't just a means of transportation. It's a right of passage from youth to young adult; it's a part of our individuality as a driver and a common member of their family.