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Which material car cover is best?

As a car owner that wants to keep their vehicle looking great, the time it takes to wash, dry, dust etc. can feel almost not worth it. Maybe you miss this here or there, and then you become used to your car being less kept up that you originally had hoped. There is another option that saved time and water, a cover. With so many options available, from fit to type of material, without doing research beforehand, you may come to find that what you purchased, isn't what you were expecting. We have outlined specifically the types of material you can most expect to find when looking for a cover, so you can make a more informed decision when making your purchase.

TLDR; Oxford type covers, while heavier than other options, are the best all around cover regardless of climate and weather.


It is important when spending money on anything, to know what the average expected "life" of the product is going to be. You may be willing to pay more for something that is expected to last longer. This is no different with a car cover.

Nylon: Good durability and tear resistance, but low UV resistance.

Designed to withstand rough weather conditions, these covers provide reliable protection for your vehicle. However, while they excel in durability, it's important to note that nylon covers may not offer the same level of UV resistance as some other materials on the market. These covers are usually lighter in weight, making them easy to install, remove and store. Prolonged use of this cover in extreme sun, due to the material, can cause the nylon material to degrade over time, impacting it's ability to protect the vehicle underneath.

Oxford: Great durability with mold/mildew resistance.

Constructed from tough materials, Oxford covers are renowned for their outstanding durability. These covers are built to withstand harsh outdoor environments with ease, including resistance to mold and mildew, making them a favored choice among car owners looking for long-lasting protection. Due to the construction of this cover, the woven fabrics and materials used, makes this cover heavier, and more cumbersome to install, remove and store.

PVC: Best durability, waterproof but not breathable.

Waterproof and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, and various environmental elements, PVC covers provide robust defense for your vehicle. However, PVC covers may not offer the same level of breathability as some alternative materials, which could impact moisture regulation under the cover.

RAM Truck with cover

Weather Resistance

Resistance to harsh weather can not only determine the protection you can expect from the cover, but also the quality of the cover itself, leading to a lengthier lifespan of the cover itself. This is another aspect of covers that need to be considered when comparing the cost of the cover, and worthiness of your purchase.

Nylon: Good water resistance, and protection from dust, dirt and scratches.

As mentioned earlier, the UV resistance of this cover is not as high as other materials. So if you live in a climate with little sun, and frequent rain, this is a good choice when looking at what material is best for you and your needs.

Oxford: Great UV resistance, and protection from rain and snow.

A suitable choice for a variety of types of weather, sunny or wet climates this is a great all around cover. The breathability discussed earlier allows moisture to escape, instead of leading to mold/mildew under the cover, which could lead to more expensive problems later, like rust and rot.

PVC: Best rain and snow protection, and great UV protection.

Often treated with a UV resistance coating, and being the least water penetrable material, these covers are known for great all around weather protection. Their one drawback is the lack of breathability, trapped moisture under the cover caused by osmosis or condensation can lead to moisture buildup under the cover. Where there is moisture, problems can arise, mold, mildew, rust and rot to name a few.

Dodge Challenger Satin Cover


Moisture trapped under a cover can lead to not only damage to your vehicle, but also to the cover itself. Water can get through the material, in various ways, but allowing the moisture to escape is just as important as keeping as much as you can out in the first place.

Nylon: Tightly woven fibers make these covers great for keeping water out, but also trapped under.

The very thing that makes this cover a good alternative in wet climates, is the reason why water is retained. These covers tend to be more used in climates with less rain, but also not in climates with a lot of sun either, because of the continuous sun exposure damaging the material over time as mentioned earlier.

Oxford: The porous material and construction of these covers allow for proper ventilation.

These covers are prefered when using on a vehicle for long term storage in any climate. The material allows moisture to escape, keeping things from being damaged over long term use, as much as you can. This cover would thrive in rainy and snowy climates like Seattle or Chicago.

PVC: Their high water resistance keeps water from being able to evaporate, trapping water underneath.

Being the most water resistant of all the fabrics we are discussing, also leads to being the most likely to trap moisture. These covers are most seen in arid, warm climates like that of the lower parts of California to Texas.

Regardless of which material type of material you find is best for you and your location, don't forget to consider another aspect, fitment. There are different sized vehicles, and types of vehicles, so make sure that you get a cover that fits well, or the material will be the least of your worries. At, we offer a diverse selection of high-quality car covers that cater to all your needs, whether you're looking for durability, weather resistance, or breathability. Our covers are tailored to fit vehicles of all shapes and sizes, ensuring maximum protection and style. Don't wait to protect your investment. Click now to Find My Vehicle Cover and give your car the care it deserves.