Tesla Model X Maintenance

Tesla Model X Maintenance - Tips to Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

Tesla Model X Maintenance - Tips to Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

Tesla's Model X is an amazing car. It's stylish, efficient, and has a ton of features that make it stand out from the competition. As everyone knows the new and used car market has been crazy since 2020, so keeping a top of the line electric car like the Model X in great shape to potentially resell is a good idea. Like any other car, the Model X requires occasional maintenance in order to stay running and looking smooth. In this blog post, we will discuss the recommended maintenance and some tips on how to keep your Tesla looking great.

Maintenance You DON'T Have To Do on Your Model X Tesla

What's great about electric cars? Many of the traditional maintenance for gas powered cars are eliminated. This includes traditional oil changes, and fuel filters, also there are no spark plugs, so you can forget about replacing those. You also don't need to get emission checks since there are none! Another cool thing about electric cars is that replacing brake pads doesn't need to be done very often, this is because the brakes are regenerative. Regenerative brakes return energy to the car's battery, this also reduces wear on the brake pads significantly, thus increasing their life span.

Model X Recommended Maintenance Schedule

There are still many traditional maintenance tasks you don't want to forget about to keep your Tesla running smooth.

Replacing Cabin Air Filters

According to Tesla, the air filter in your Model X should be replaced every 3 years. The exception to this are Model X's made before the year 2021. If your Tesla was produced in the year 2020 or before you should replace the cabin air filter every 2 years.

Replacing the HEPA Filter.

Tesla recommends replacing your HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter once every 3 years.

Tire Replacement and Rotation

Like any car, replacing your tires when they're worn is a must. You can refer to the penny test to see if your tires are worn and need replacing.

As for tire rotation, Tesla tires should be rotated roughly every 6,250 miles. This of course depends more on how you drive. If you drive your car aggressively, your tires will wear more, which leads to needing rotation to keep your vehicle aligned.

Tesla Model X Preventative Maintenance

Some maintenance isn't required, but it will surely help protect your vehicle from unnecessary wear. The better your Tesla looks the higher resale value you'll get. Preventative maintenance also may help prevent more serious problems from arising.

Caring for the Exterior of Your Model X

Although this shouldn't have to be mentioned, keeping your Tesla clean is the easiest way to maintain the exterior of your vehicle. Getting a car wash once or more a month should do the trick unless you live in a very dusty area, then it's recommended to wash your car more often.

Covering Your Tesla Model X

While most people get Model Xs to be their family daily driver, there are certainly many people that won't be using it every day. If you are one of those people it would be a good idea to get a Model X Cover for your Tesla. You should cover your vehicle if you aren't going to be using it for more than a week or so.

If you keep your Tesla in a garage you don't need to cover it if it's only going to be a week of no use. If you aren't going to be using your Tesla for a month or more you should get an indoor cover to prevent dust from gathering. If you keep your Tesla outside it only takes a few days for the elements to put some unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle.

Waxing a Tesla Model X

Some people opt to wax their Tesla every once in a while. The average tends to be about 2x a year if you want to keep your vehicle nice and shiny. Wax is great for your vehicle, it protects from UV, as well as other elements being able to put wear on your vehicle.

Finishing Thoughts on Model X Maintenance

The Model X may be the best electric SUV on the market, having excellent battery life and more features than any other car. It's a no brainer they continue to sell. The good news for anyone who owns one is that reselling them is quite easy. Demand has always been high for Teslas and we don't see that going away anytime soon. A big plus with reselling, is Tesla will transfer existing maintenance plans to new owners if you decide you want to let yours go. As the years go on, it's likely we'll be seeing a lot more Model Xs on the road.