3 Reasons to Use a Car Cover in Parking Garages

When parking in a public parking garage, several things can damage the exterior of your car. Garages can be humid environments, especially if it’s an underground parking lot. Excessive moisture can damage the paint on your vehicle if you leave it in the garage for an extended period. Some parking garages are also high-traffic areas with plenty of vehicles and people moving in and out all day. Someone with a suitcase or another object might scratch the side of your car accidentally. Dust can also be a problem, with all kinds of vehicles driving in and out that might track in or stir up a lot of dirt. Car covers are an excellent tool for keeping your car safe inside a parking garage. Both indoor and outdoor covers can be useful for parking garages, but an outdoor cover offers extra protection.

1. A Car Cover Protects Against Moisture

Moisture tends to accumulate in parking garages because they are usually cold underground spaces. When hot air comes from the outside, it quickly condenses on the cold walls and creates moisture. Moisture can adversely affect the surface of your car, resulting in pitting and discoloration. If you live near the ocean, the combination of humidity and salt air can be detrimental to your vehicle. Using a car cover prevents moisture from reaching your car and damaging the exterior. However, you need a quality cover that is breathable and allows air to circulate. If the cover isn’t breathable, then moisture can get trapped between the cover and the car. Our Ultimate Shield car cover is made from multi-layer polypropylene materials and a porous film that provides breathability.

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2. A Car Cover Protects Your Car from Scratches

Public parking garages are high-traffic zones. Especially in parking garages near airports or shopping malls, people carrying luggage or packages can inadvertently scratch your car’s paint.

While a car cover can protect your vehicle from accidental dings in high-traffic parking garages, low-quality car covers can also scratch your car when removing them. Our Platinum and Ultimate shields come with a non-abrasive interior and, if you have a sports or luxury car, our Black Satin indoor cover is extra soft to prevent scratching. Take a look at our Porsche 911 car cover, which has both a platinum and black satin design.

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3. A Car Cover Protects Against Dust and Pollen

Garages can be very dusty places, especially those with concrete floors. Parking garages can accumulate a lot of dust due to the high number of cars circulating through them. Another common problem is pollen. Depending on the area where you live and the season, pollen may enter the garage. Above-ground garages can have a lot of problems with pollen. It may also find its way into underground garages by accumulating on cars before entering the garage. Pollen is highly acidic and can damage a car’s paintwork.

It’s easy to dismiss problems such as dust or pollen because they aren’t very noticeable. However, over time they can slowly deteriorate the exterior of your vehicle. If you plan to store your car in a public garage regularly or for long periods, you need to invest in a high-quality custom car cover.

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Covers

Outdoor covers are usually thicker and heavier to protect against the elements, including sun, rain, and snow. Their fabric is also designed to protect against bird droppings and tree sap, which are highly acidic and can damage a car’s paint job. Indoor covers tend to be a lot lighter and softer. However, we design our Platinum and Ultimate covers so they are both lightweight and resistant. They provide excellent protection from the sun and inclement weather, but you can also use them inside a parking garage. If you are looking for something that is extra soft for a high-end car, our Black Satin cover is an excellent choice.

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Protect Your Car When Using a Parking Garage

Some people would never think about leaving their car in a public parking garage. However, it’s the only option for many people, and sometimes it’s necessary for a short period. To ensure that your car stays protected and safe at the parking garage, investing in a car cover is the best option.

Public parking garages can be very moist and dusty places, and it’s essential to use a high-quality cover that’s thick and breathable. At, we offer a wide selection of affordable car covers for all kinds of vehicles that are lightweight and durable, as well as a range of car accessories, so you can park your vehicle with confidence.