2016-2017 “How to Make Your Car Last Forever” Essay Contest Winner

How to make your car last forever

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 “How to Make Your Car Last Forever” Essay Contest Winner

Announcing CarCovers.Com 2016-2017 Scholarship Essay Contest Winner Miranda Gyllstrom.

“I decided to follow my heart; my heart lead me to English. I have a passion for writing and a fire for activism. An English degree gives me the academic credentials needed to obtain a career position where I can make my voice heard... M.G.”

It's our third year of running our scholarship essay contest and we have seen far more entries than in the past. It's been amazing to see all of the participation and activity surrounding this essay contest. We want to thank all of the participants who let their creative minds go to work on this project. We know it's a lot of responsibility to own a car and to keep it safe and in good working order. It's even harder to “Make Your Car Last Forever.”

Many of our contest participants gave us some great advice on ways to do just that. Some were funny, some were straight informational and some had lots of personality and a story to share about the participants life and how their car is more than just a conveyance; it is in fact an integral part of their life.

Miranda did a thorough job of describing her intimate relationship with her car and how she keeps it running and makes sure it is a reliable mode of transportation for her everyday needs. She pulled us into a small part of her life and took us through the entire process with her essay. She showed how to be responsible & make the most of being a responsible car owner.

Speaking from experience, my wife & I have a couple of older trucks. Between the 2 trucks there are 44 years of age and almost 500,000 miles. Each truck is an early 90's truck with close too or just over 250,000 miles. In fact, one has 240,000 miles and the other just clicked over 260,000 miles. So I know Miranda was on point with her attitude of car care and ownership responsibility. Her writing style, too, is on point with the facts laid out in plain, easy to understand chunks of information, that are succinct and right to the point. For example, when she was looking to purchase her car...

Finding the perfect car takes careful consideration, money and time. When I chose my car I did a lot of research; I looked at dealerships online, scoured appraisal websites such as Kelly Blue Book, and went to dealership campuses in town to find out the best cars in my area that fit my economic and environmental needs, personality and hobbies.

I'm sure as she knows the future looks bright and grand. Having a little scholarship money helps a lot too. We are glad to have had this opportunity to see what future thought leaders are being raised up in our schools and how their influence and intelligence can be leveraged to help benefit them as they excel into the future.

Congratulations Miranda on being this year's contest winner.