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4 Best Car Covers for Extreme Sun

By Ryan Wegman
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4 Best Car Covers for Extreme Sun


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Although many homes have garages, they are often used for storage, as a home gym, or a workshop, rather than for housing vehicles. Many car owners don’t realize that extreme weather, such as intense sun, can adversely affect their cars. If your vehicle is parked outside, the best way for you to protect it from the heat in the summer is with a high-quality car cover specifically designed to resist heat.

How the Sun Damages Cars

The sun’s rays can destroy both the interior and exterior of a vehicle and can affect both the car’s aesthetic and safety features. The possible sun damage on cars includes:

  • Fading and discoloration of exterior paintwork, upholstery, carpets, and dashboard
  • Peeling of the vehicle’s paint
  • Cracking of dashboard and steering wheel
  • Upholstery detaching because of melting glue
  • Car tires disintegrating or drying out, leading to a blow-out
  • Fuel being consumed at a higher rate than normal
  • Water in batteries evaporating, leaving plates exposed


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1. Platinum Shield Car Cover

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather, including intense sun,’s Platinum Shield is one of the best car covers for you. This car cover’s outer layer is made from UV-reflective silver woven polyester with a urethane coating that protects your car from the sun’s damaging rays. This material also ensures your vehicle remains cool, preventing internal issues caused by high temperatures.

The Platinum Shield Car Cover is not only ideal for shielding your vehicle from the sun, it boasts features like the polyurethane coating that sheds water as soon as it hits the cover and the gust strap, which keeps the cover secure even in high winds, making this model suitable for use all year round.

Some car covers are hard to put on or too heavy to easily set up alone, but, at approximately 10 lbs., the Platinum Shield Cover is light yet durable. Its handy front and back labeling and lack of separate side mirror pockets make it easy to put on and off. A lifetime warranty makes this car cover a risk-free purchase for any car lover that’s concerned about the harmful effects heat can have on their vehicle.


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2. Ultimate Shield Car Cover

The Ultimate Shield Car Cover from is made with a multi-layer fabric, with each layer performing a vital role in protecting your vehicle from adverse conditions, including extreme heat. The top polypropylene layer, an oil-based material, is chemically treated to help prevent UV sun damage. A soft fleece layer keeps the car’s paintwork in immaculate condition, while the middle microporous film makes the cover breathable so that moisture doesn’t get trapped inside and cause rust damage.

3. Covercraft WeatherShield® HD Cover

For those who need to store their vehicle outside long-term, like RV owners, the WeatherShield® HD Cover is a fantastic option. This model uses a heavy, 300-denier thread that offers maximum UV opacity and makes it incredibly tough with excellent tensile strength.

This cover is heavier duty than the Covercraft Reflec’tect®, making it less portable but perfectly suitable for extended outdoor use in areas that experience severe weather throughout the year. The encapsulation formula reduces UV degradation of the fabric while also shedding water at a remarkable rate, protecting the vehicle from moisture damage and allowing you to dry the cover in minutes.

4. Covercraft Reflec’tect® Custom Car Cove

All Covercraft’s custom covers are specifically made for your vehicle with an elastic hem that guarantees a perfect, snug fit around the body of the car. If you’re looking for the best car cover for extreme sun, order one of our Covercraft Reflec’tect® car covers.

This American-made model is an ultralight reflective cover specially designed by Covercraft, using their 30 years of experience to keep both the exterior and interior of your vehicle safe from the sun’s destructive UV rays. The high-performance urethane-coated polyester helps keep your car cool in the summer heat but is also suitable for winter use. The Covercraft Reflec’tect® is also water-, mildew-, and rot-resistant and repels dust and dirt to help keep your vehicle clean. It is compact and easy to store in your trunk, so you will always have your cover available, whether you’re at home or on a road trip.

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Protect Your Car from Extreme Sun

If you have to store your vehicle outdoors, you might worry about sun damage after extended periods in the blistering sun. Investing in a high-quality car cover that has unique features designed to resist soaring temperatures puts your mind at ease and protects your car for years.

At, we have an extensive range of covers for hundreds of car models. Shop our entire selection of car covers and shield your vehicle from UV and heat damage today. For more information or expert advice on picking the right cover for you, call our customer service team at (800) 385-3603.

February 4, 2021
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