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RV Enthusiasts Say School's Out For The Summer & Cruising Time Is Here

By John Linden June 30, 2015 146 Views No comments

The sun is shining bright, the kids are all out on summer break and you've been anxiously waiting for this special time of year when you and the family get to take of on your summer vacation. Lots of planning has gone in to this trip and your destination spots are sure to be a hit, and who knows what adventures will present themselves along the road to summer time paradise.

Personally every time I think of going on a long road trip with my family for our summer vacation I think of the Grizwolds from National Lampoon's Vacation movie. That anecdotal, disastrous, family vacation movie filled with the perils and suspense of Clark W. Grizwold and his vacation plans to take his family to Wally World.


Even though they were all in a station wagon there has to be something great when the road trip is planned especially in an RV. As the famous Blue Collar Comedian Bill Engvall like to quote about his RV'ing experience courtesy of IMDB.com

“Bill - I took my family on an RV trip last summer. I thought RV stood for "recreational vehicle." No. It stands for "ruins vacations." I had never driven one of these things. Dear God, It's 35 feet long, 8 feet wide, and got 2 mirrors that stick out 3 feet on each side. Good Lord, I was like a passenger trying to land a 747. I'm weaving all over the road. I'm getting flipped off by kids in car seats, all right? Don't know why they put a reverse on these dumb things. I never learned to back it up. If I pulled into a Quickie Mart too far past the pump to get gas there was no backing up. It was, go all the way around the block and try again. Thank God I wasn't the only one. Sometimes there would be 7 or 8 of us just circling that Quickie Mart just like a white trash road race.”

All joking aside taking your mobile living space on the open road can lead up to some great memories and experiences. I remember my Grandpa used to have us all go every year on a camping trip in his old Winnebago and that was the most awesome experience as a child for creating lasting memories. Just me and my Grandpa sitting in the front seats with the rest of my family in the rear. We would go on long road trips talk about the scenery and the Winnebago itself.

My grandpa was cool, he had the cool little shrunken head on the rear view mirror, the Good Sam sticker on the back window and a CB to chat it up with folks travelling over the open road. We always had a great time heading out to our destination. Then having a bed and stove plus other important amenities sure took camping to an entirely new level.

Just remember there are lots of travellers all over the highways and back roads and it's time to take extra precautions with drivers in other vehicle large or small. An RV takes some more intermediate to advanced driving skills to effectively drive defensively and safely. Turning, parking, and operation at speeds takes a little extra patience.

We intended this blog post to start a series of motor home tips and advice not to be another generic blog post on a boring subject. But we also want to help you create memories that last and we do that by providing effective and durable solutions that keep your RV looking great. So you can take your family out on a cruise over the open road in a beautiful Recreational Vehicle that chauffeurs you around in style.

So now it's time to remove the cover off of your rig and get her ready for the open road. The first thing to do is to check out the electrical; connections, ensure the battery or batteries are charged fully. Then it's the routine pre-trip safety tips...

Check out the lights, check out all of the fluids and change any that are past due like the motor oil, any old black or gray water from the storage tanks. Check all of the fluid levels to ensure everything is topped off tot he proper level.

Then it's time to check the lights, check the tire pressure, fill up any fresh water and non potable water storage. Add any conditioner to the water, top off the propane tanks, grab an emergency set of interior and exterior lights, some road flares or triangles for safety and be sure to pack several flash lights and batteries. Grab a non expired fire extinguisher to top off the safety supplies.

Now that the rig is set for safety on the road it's time to prepare yourself for the road trip. GPS, road maps, pre-trip planning to hit the sights that are important on this trip. Get familiar with the RV by spending some time behind the wheel, reviewing the mirror set up, adjusting to the larger vehicle in all of its glory and massiveness.

Now that the mental preparedness has taken hold remember these simple driving tips to keep you and those in your mobile dwelling safe. Drive slower, allow a larger space cushion for braking. Increase your time allowance so you aren't rushed or having to drive the behemoth like a reckless maniac You will have piece of mind with these simple preparation tips and safe operating tips.

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