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The 10 Best Car Pranks In Automotive History

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A little humor is a good thing once and a while. They say that laughter is the best medicine (well as long as you weren't the victim in these pranks.) We love joking around and now-a-days we all could use a good laugh.

So we scoured the Internet looking for a few good ones to share with you. (Note. We do not endorse these pranks in any way and you may be subject to retaliation at the very least if you and your pals are ornery enough.)

Some of these may even be grounds for legal action so pranksters beware. In the mean time we hope you get a few good laughs out of this blog post...

1. Car Door Tug Of War

Car Pranks can be very mild such as a car door tug of war where you gain “unauthorized access” to your victims vehicle, then tie a piece of fishing line tight to the passenger side door handle. After tying the fishing line to the one handle, tie the other end of the fishing line to the drivers door. Be sure to make the line taught so it's not visible at a glance.

2. A Slippery Situation

Some things are better off left unseen, like placing Vaseline or some other slippery oily concoction behind the boor handles on your unsuspecting victim.

3. Zip it, Zip it Good

I almost broke out in tears laughing and reminiscing about my childhood when I used to put baseball cards in my bicycle spokes to make it sound like a motorcycle. It was way cool in the 70's and 80's too. With this prank you simulate the noise with a simple zip tie.

“Tie a zip tie to one of the driveshafts: the sound of the tie smacking against the car body makes all the noise you need to make your friend paranoid he’s about to lose an axel.” -

4. Quick, Simple & All OF The Fun That Will Quack You Up

Imagine having a car that quacks like a duck. Well maybe not you but your friends can... All it takes is a roll of duct tape and the right whistle... You will drive your friends “quakers” with this prank.

5. Now that's a wrap... Cling wrap that is

Epic pranksters. I would never do this but it's hilarious.

6. Life Is A Ball

If this isn't enough comedy for you what about having a rolling ball pit? This prank is harmless and has is a lot of fun for the unsuspecting individual as well as the practical joker. I prefer this clean up vs. the grease on the door handles any day.

7. So You Want To Make A Bold Statement

Sometimes life can be interesting and you can get into a sticky situation much like the individual who owns this brightly colored ride. You have a great idea so go ahead and stick with it.

8. Are You Looking To Take Your Pranks To The Next Level

I think pulling off this first prank in any city would be hilarious. These are some pranksters extraordinaire for sure.

9. Stop Thief

These guys take their pranks just a little too far.

10. Looking For Trouble On The Wrong Side Of The Law

11. It's A Wrap - Our Favorite Prank Around The Office

Well it's official, we are a bunch of fun loving pranksters too. Getting a good laugh is all part of a hard days work. Saran wrapping our newest employees car and turning it into the largest birthday card we've ever seen was an absolute treat. (The best part is he's my little nephew so a little family fun was in order to celebrate his big day.)

Saran Wrapped Car Prank IMG of Prank

February 11, 2015
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