14 Best Chevy Silverado Mods & Upgrades

14 Best Chevy Silverado Mods & Upgrades

By John Linden

The Chevy Silverado has a reputation of being one of the toughest trucks out there. Built to last, the Silverado has proven time and again that it's a force to be reckoned with. If you're interested in making this tough truck even tougher then there are a ton of mods and upgrades options out there to help you accomplish this goal. Whether you're looking to add essential add-ons to your Silverado out of necessity or if you're simply pulling back the car covers and modding it out just for fun check out these 14 Chevy Silverado mods and upgrades.

1) Under Seat Storage Boxes

Does your Silverado remind you of a war zone every time you climb behind the wheel to go for a drive? Papers everywhere? Your license and registration tucked haphazardly into the glove compartment? If you suffer from this issue, you should invest in an under seat storage box. Under seat storage boxes come in varying sizes, but they're typically roomy enough to fit both large and small items.

Have the peace of mind that you'll know exactly where your most important documentation (and other items) is at all times. Anti-skid storage boxes keep your items from flying around, so you don't have to worry about taking it easy if you decide to go off-road.

Out of the way, durable, and a great way to keep your truck organized, this mod would be an excellent addition to any Silverado.

2) Superchips Flashpaq F5 Tuner

This nifty little tool is great for giving your Silverado a nice boost in performance. The Superchips Flaashpaq F5 Tuner has pre-loaded settings that increase your vehicle's torque, towing capabilities, mileage, and horsepower. Who knew that you could completely transform the performance of your Silverado from a device that you can hold in the palm of your hand?

If you've never heard of this device, you'll likely be surprised by its numerous features. For example it eliminates downshifting while driving up inclines and saves on gas consumption by improving your fuel economy and mileage.

The Superchips Flashpaq F5 Tuner is lightweight and easy to handle. It has a 2.8 inch high definition screen. You can store it practically anywhere. You can place it in your pocket, in your glove compartment, storage box or any other small space in your Silverado. 

The graphical interface on the F5 Tuner makes it very user-friendly, especially when comparing it side by side with the older F4 model. Simply plug your tuner into your Silverado's OBD-II port so that it receives power. If you're connected to a computer, you can use the USB port to connect your F5 Tuner.

Parameters that you can adjust on your Silverado:

The Superchips Flashpaq F5 Tuner is specifically designed to work with 2014 - 2017 5.3L Silverado models.

3) Throttle Body Spacer

It's about time that your Silverado lived up to its full potential. Throttle body spacers are designed to boost your off-idle to mid-range power and efficiency, allowing your Silverado to tap into its full power. Throttle body spacers made of high-quality material will provide you with a smooth and consistent boost to your performance while you drive. Ultimately, it improves low-end torque and enhances throttle response.

The way it works is that its Helix-Bore design uses a spinning motion for the air that passes through your Silverado's throttle body. The air is split into a helical pattern, allowing it to continue flowing at its maximum velocity. Once the helically organized air molecules makes its way into the combustion chamber, your Silverado will receive a performance increase as a result. Not a bad upgrade, especially if you want to coax more power out of your Silverado.

4) Stainless Steel Window Trim

This mod is simply for the aesthetics only. Long, stunning, and above all else classy, stainless steel window trim will literally transform the look of your Chevy Silverado. If it's your goal to turn heads when you go rolling by, this is one way of going about it. Most stainless steel window trim will have 3M tape pre-applied, so the installation process is simple and quick. This mod will match the factory chrome on your vehicle. Just think of this mod as a head turner.

5 ) Rear Wheel Well Guards

If you drive your Silverado heavily, your vehicle is taking a constant beating whether you're aware of it or not.  Over time rocks, mud and debris can damage the exposed components on the underbody of your truck. Whether or not the constant stoning of your Silverado could cause any real long cause term damage is strictly a case by case basis, but it should be universally agreed that tiny rocks pelting your shocks is never a good thing.

If you're tired of your truck taking a constant beating, then rear wheel well guards are the mods for you. Simply put, rear wheel well guards protect the under components of your truck from anything that the road throws at it...literally. With its durable thermoplastic composition and impact resistant design, it'll repel rocks, mud and most any debris that you happen to run over as you're driving. Just as easy to clean as it is to install, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more practical mod for your Silverado.

6) Modular Intake Tube

 When you stop to think about it, the factory intake on many Silverado trucks aren't designed very well. In fact, with all of its unnecessary twists, turns, and dips airflow isn't being allowed to do what it does best - flow. Every twist and dip causes unnecessary turbulence that steals performance from the engine, no matter how nominal. 

But every good mechanic will tell you that the smoother the airflow, the better the performance. That's why a modular intake tube is the perfect mod if you're trying to coax more power out of your Silverado. Made of high-quality materials, modular intake tubes allows for smoother airflow between the airbox and the manifold, thus improving response time and increasing power. The installation only takes minutes. Once your modular intake tube is installed properly, your Silverado will be able to breathe better; quite literally.

7) Front Recovery Bumper

If you don't think your Silverado is tough enough to handle your activities, then why not add an extra layer of armor with an off-road front recovery bumper? These are a lot like your typical Silverado front bumpers except that they're made of reinforced coiled steel. No matter what you hit, you'll be that much safer with an extra layer of steel between yourself and the rest of the world.

Some front recovery bumpers can be modded themselves. Thus you can mount fog lights onto the front for low light situations. Installation is quick and easy. Modifying your truck is not necessary to mount a front recovery bumper. All mounting hardware should be included with your purchase.

8) LED Third Brake Light

Do you know what will make your Silverado the most visible vehicle on the road? A third LED brake light! With the advances in LED technology over the past few years, there are dozens of options to choose from. Third party LEDs tend to be much brighter than stock brake lights, making them the superior choice. This upgrade will make you feel much safer on the road. LED lights for Silverado trucks tend to be housed within a waterproof and durable casing that'll protect it from the road. This is a notable mod worth checking out if you're concerned about safety.

9) Stainless Steel Fender Trim

Steel fender trim does more than just add an element of style to your Silverado; it also protects your fender lips from the ravages of the road. With its multi-functional design, you can rest assured that your Silverado will have an added layer of protection while looking good on the road. Best of all, the clip mounted installation only takes a few minutes before you're ready to go.

10) Lift Kit

Don't think that your Silverado sits high enough off of the ground? Increase your ground clearance with a lift kit. Lift kits may seem intimidating when you first crack them open (think dozens of nuts, bolts, screws, and washers) but the installation is actually quite user-friendly. Each part of a Silverado lift kit is made of high-quality materials. Especially the washers, which are hardened to maintain maximum strength and durability. Overall, lift kits increase your ground clearance, eliminates the need for ride spacers, and provides a smooth ride even after modifications.

11) Chrome Door Handle Covers

One part of your truck that no one really thinks about is the door handle. It's easily one of the most highly used parts on the truck itself. Most of us view it with such insignificance that it often blends into the rest of the body. Try standing out from the pack by adding chrome door handle covers.

This will bring significance to one of the most underappreciated aspects of your truck. When you're doing your shopping look for a kit that will cover all of your doors. That way, the entire truck will pop. With a solid chrome construction and double-sided tape backing to make installation quick and easy, chrome door handle covers will make your Silverado look that much more luxurious hile still maintaining its trademark "tough" demeanor. Also check out car covers for Chevy Chevelle.

12) Single Exhaust System

Yet another upgrade to improve the performance of your Silverado. Most exhaust system upgrades come with mounting hardware and clamps, making installation a breeze. If aesthetics are just as important to you as functionality, then a single exhaust system with a polished tip should be an essential mod for your Silverado. The upgrade process is simple. Switch out your old exhaust system for a new one, and you should experience an improvement in performance. This upgrade is perfect for those interested in maintaining their original equipment exhaust configuration, wanting a boost in performance, and adding a new level of aesthetical appeal to their vehicle.

13) Lowering Kit

If you're looking for a ride that sits lower to the ground without compromising ride quality, then you should invest in a Lowering Kit. Specifically, the brand Rough Country has a reputation for producing high-quality lowering kits. Rough Country only uses the best materials which include hardened washers for durability, N2.0 Series rear shocks, and leak-proof piston seals. There are various kits out there, so do your homework before making a purchase.

The installation should be a breeze though some minor cutting and drilling will be required. Rough Country Lowering Kits also require rear axle flip. This is definitely the mod to buy if you're looking to change the look and feel of your Silverado by lowering it closer to the ground.

14) Side Step Bars

This multifunctional mod is perfect for a number of reasons. For one, it gives your Silverado a mean, aggressive look. Second, it adds an easier way for you to climb in to and out of your Silverado (especially useful if you decided to use a lift kit). Finally, side step bars also act as a type of "side armor" that provides additional protection from the road while you're driving.

It's recommended that you go with stainless steel side step bars. You need something that's durable to stand up to the constant pounding of feet as you climb in and out of your vehicle. Also, you should want something that'll last for a long period of time. With easy bolt-on options and standard mounting equipment, installation is quick and easy.

Featured image credit: Diamondback Truck Covers / Flickr