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Car Detailing

By John LindenHonda Car Cover

Now that winter is over and you’ve peeled off that Honda car cover, it’s time for a deep cleaning. Auto detailing involves cleaning and reconditioning of the interior and exterior of a vehicle. Using a step-by-step process, car detailing can restore the beauty of a vehicle while also protecting the owner’s investment. As dirt and grime build up on the exterior of a vehicle, car detailing is a necessary maintenance measure to improve and preserve the look and function of the automobile. It provides car paint protection from rust and other damage, and a well-maintained vehicle will also need fewer repairs while enjoying higher vehicle performance. It is also important that car owners choose a vehicle covers to protect against scratches, dust, environmental damage, UV rays, and other hazards that can cause premature wear.

Interior auto detailing is useful in ensuring that a car is comfortable as well as clean. The condition of the carpet and seats will be noticed instantly when entering a vehicle, so detailing can go a long way in providing a pleasant driving environment. Interior rugs, floor mats, and seats can also be treated with a specialized protectant to minimize future damage to the inside of the vehicle. When cars maintain a clean interior, the resale value will also increase, which is especially important if there are plans to sell the vehicle in the future.

The dashboard and center console are made out of plastic and vinyl, and these materials will react poorly to cleaning products and methods that are overly harsh. For this reason, a professional detailer may be best suited to clean these portions of a vehicle. When cleaning the dash or console, it is important to avoid using paper towels, as they can scratch the plastic. Instead, cleaning agents should be sprayed onto a microfiber towel before they are used to cover and clean these areas of a vehicle interior.

With all of the hoses, electrical connections, sensors, and other complicated parts found in an engine compartment, many people avoid cleaning this covered portion of a vehicle. This can be an unfortunate mistake, as engines can get dirty quickly. In addition to the typical grease and oil build-up, salt and grime can also collect in the compartment by way of the hood seams, underside, and wheel wells. As a further benefit, engine compartment cleaning can give auto owners the chance to notice problems like corrosion or loose hoses early, preventing a bigger and more expensive problem from developing later.

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