5 Reasons to Get an SUV Car Cover

SUVs have become increasingly popular in the U.S. Americans love their large storage capacity, their towing ability, and the four-wheel-drive option that many models feature. However, although these sturdy vehicles can go off-road and get you to out-of-the-way campsites, they aren’t indestructible. Just like a standard car, SUVs can suffer from paint damage, dents, and scratches. Protect your vehicle with a high-quality car cover to fit your SUV’s make and model. Here are five reasons you should invest in an SUV car cover.

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1. Protect Your Paint Job

Repainting a car can get expensive. Using an SUV car cover keeps your paint job shinier for longer. Paint jobs can deteriorate from too much sun exposure, hail, debris in the air, and dings from other cars. Especially if you plan on taking your SUV off-roading, using an SUV car cover can help slow down deterioration when your vehicle isn’t on the road.

Our SUV car covers protect your paint job in any weather, including from UV damage, which can dull your paint color. Whether you live in a wet or dry climate, the weather can scratch or erode your paint, leaving your SUV vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Our SUV car covers are weather-resistant, protecting against rain, hail, bird droppings, sun, and wind damage. Even if you usually park your vehicle inside a garage, having a cover for your SUV protects against chemical spills, tools, and other cars in the garage. It is also an excellent portable protection option when you go on road trips or head to the nearest campground.

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2. Prevent Scratches

Scratches are unsightly and can also increase the chance of rusting, which could cause further issues in the future. While you can’t protect your SUV from scratches while driving, you can keep it safe overnight and when you’re at home. Other cars, kids playing in the street, and extreme weather can all result in deep scratches, which you cannot fix without a professional.

If you plan on selling your SUV in the future, visible scratches force you to lower your asking price, getting you a lower return on your investment. Instead of leaving your SUV unprotected in the street, you can prevent scratches with a car cover. Even if you store your vehicle in your garage, a car cover can protect it from other cars or your kids running through with bikes, skateboards, or sports equipment.

3. Save Money

New paint jobs, fixing scratches, and regular car washes all cost money. With a high-quality car cover, you can reduce the number of times you need to visit the auto shop for fresh paint and drive through the car wash less often. Some automatic car washes can also cause damage to cars, whether from malfunctioning brushes or by using rough cleaning supplies. Before heading to a car wash, check their reviews for any complaints from customers.

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4. Keep It Cooler

If your area encounters extreme heat in the summer, you have probably had the uncomfortable experience of starting up your SUV and burning your hands on the steering wheel. Using a car cover with UV protection can help protect your car from sun damage and keep the inside cooler, even on the hottest days.

Even if you usually park in a garage overnight, you may park your SUV outside at work or when you’re on a road trip. Instead of wasting valuable time and gas by blasting the AC until the inside is cool enough to sit in, throw a car cover over your SUV to keep the sun from heating the interior to unbearable temperatures.

5. Deter Thieves

If you have a brand new SUV, you might be apprehensive about parking it on the street. Besides using anti-theft car gadgets like a dash cam, anti-theft alarm, and a steering wheel lock, you can use your car cover to deter thieves from targeting your vehicle.

The car cover obscures brand markings, meaning thieves won’t know whether they’re stealing a luxury SUV or a beat-up, third-hand vehicle. It also adds another step during the theft because the thief needs to remove the cover before attempting to break into your car.

Protect Your Vehicle With An SUV Car Cover

Keep Your SUV Safe with a Car Cover

Whether you park inside, keep your SUV in storage for long periods, or leave your car on the street overnight, a car cover can help protect your investment, saving you money and energy. At, all our car covers come with free shipping, a 30-day return policy, and a guaranteed cover fit.

If you’re not sure what SUV car cover is best for your vehicle, call our friendly customer service team at (800) 385-3603 to get help finding the perfect fit for your vehicle.