5 Benefits of a Fitted Car Cover

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Cars are vulnerable to damage and wear and tear, even when they’re not in use. Unfortunately, many car owners act too late when it comes to protecting their vehicles. They wait until damage has been done before putting protective and preventive measures in place.

One of the most basic yet effective ways of protecting your car is with a car cover. However, car covers come in various styles, materials, and prices, meaning quality can vary, so you’ll want to choose the best car cover option available. A custom-fitted car cover is often the most suitable choice, as it maximizes protection against damage and natural elements.

If you’re deciding on what car cover to buy, a fitted option is more effective than a universal cover. A poorly fitted car cover not only offers less protection than a custom-fitted one, but it can contribute to damaging your vehicle. The following guide takes you through five of the most important benefits of a fitted car cover.

1.Keeps Exterior in Excellent Condition

A car cover acts as a protective layer around the exterior of your vehicle. Dents, scratches, and corrosion often take place while a car is parked. Whether it’s caused intentionally or accidentally, even the slightest of scratches can devalue your car and require costly repairs down the line.

A fitted car cover clings snuggly to your vehicle’s exterior, preventing debris, animals, or people from brushing up against the paint job. Generic covers may not adequately protect all areas of the car, leaving it vulnerable.

Ensure your car cover is made from high-quality materials. Many models come with multilayer technology, which uses a polyester water-repellent outer layer, an insulating core, and a fleece lining to give your car the best protection possible.

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2.Precise Fit for Maximum Protection

A precise fit ensures your vehicle is fully protected. A custom car cover is manufactured and cut specifically to fit your car’s exact dimensions. Well-fitted covers are better equipped to do their job. While a generic cover may be made from durable materials, it is likely to snag or be baggy. If a cover snags, it will leave areas of a car exposed. A loose fit can allow air and moisture to gather underneath. It is also more likely to move and rub against the car, which can ruin the paintwork. No matter how well made a car cover is, if the fit isn’t right, it is likely to be ineffective.’s semi-custom covers are available for a wide range of vehicle makes and models. The elastic hem at the front and rear of the cover ensures a snug fit, and reinforced grommets allow you to use the included cable and lock to secure the cover in place.

3.Ease of Installation

Fitted car covers are designed for specific shapes and sizes of cars, making for a seamless installation process. Putting on a car cover usually involves three key steps. Starting from the rear of the vehicle, you secure the back of the cover to the bumper’s underside and gradually pull the cover to the front.

A generic cover may be too loose in one area while being too tight in another, requiring more than one pair of hands to fit it into place. This is highly impractical if you intend on using your cover daily, as the kindness of passersby will soon wane

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4.Theft Prevention

A fitted car cover is an excellent theft deterrent. Besides disguising your car’s make and model, a fitted car cover makes your vehicle more difficult to break into. A thief needs to remove the cover to break into the car. While removing a cover only takes a few minutes, this may be too long for an impatient thief. With a car theft taking place every 6.5 minutes and an average loss of almost $9,000, anti-theft measures are essential. Using a fitted cover for theft prevention and weather protection may reduce your insurance premiums, so ask your agent.

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5.Shields from Environmental Hazards

Some of the most threatening elements to your vehicle’s condition are natural. Environmental hazards can wreak havoc on a car, particularly if they access the engine. Virtually every climate can negatively affect your vehicle. Overexposure to sunlight causes UV rays to oxidize and fade automotive paintwork, taking away its luster and causing the paint to become brittle and crack.

During winter, moisture can build on your vehicle, creating water spots. Rain, frost, and snow can prompt moisture to seep into the engine, causing corrosion and rust. Some specialty fitted covers protect your vehicle in specific climates. Alternatively, you can purchase an all-weather cover, such as CarCovers’ Platinum Shield, to use year-round.

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The Bottom Line

For protecting your vehicle, there is no point in wasting money on products that don’t fit. A custom-fitted car cover is always the best choice. It ensures your car is safeguarded from top to bottom. You can have peace of mind that it won’t come loose or blow away when you need it most. offers semi-custom and custom covers for all shapes and sizes of cars. Simply use our online search tool to find the make, model, and year of your vehicle, and we’ll provide you with a quality cover designed to fit its body style. Alternatively, call us at

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