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Tips on Buying a Used Camper Shell for your Tundra


There is a huge variety of both the new and used camper shells and tops on the market today. While many of these shells will technically fit your truck, only a few will fit your vehicle correctly. Every company and model of truck differs slightly in bed size, the taper of the bed, the angle of the cab to bed, and the overall ceiling height. Fitting a truck topper requires patience if you are buying used as the models you need may not be readily available.There are some upsides and a few pitfalls to going down the used route when buying a camper shell for your Tundra, but to help you out, we have compiled the best tips and tricks as well as relevant resources to help you in your hunt.

Tips on Buying a Used Camper Shell for your Tundra

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What to Look for and Avoid in a Used Tundra Camper Shell Finding Compatible Tundra Shell Models Using Craigslist and Social Media Non-Tundra Shells and Tops

What to Look for and Avoid in a Used Tundra Camper Shell

A broken truck camper shell isn't going to be netting you much of a deal. It may still be cheaper to get the replacement part, but it is often not worth the hassle. Something as simple as a window seal repair can cost hundreds of dollars. Some factors to consider when purchasing a used truck camper shell for your Tundra include:

    • • Dimensions. Not every Tundra bed is the same size, so measure your truck bed to find a camper shell that matches.
    • • Wear and tear. Check for dents, scratches, and corrosion on the interior and exterior surfaces.
    • • The shape of the rails, cab, and tailgate. Some camper shells may be incompatible with your truck model despite being listed as a Tundra camper.

Companies like Leer and SnugTop usually have a serial number you can use to find which shell suits your vehicle. Both those sites can be a huge asset in your search. They give you an idea of which Tundra models are compatible. Even if you find a compatible shell with minimal wear and tear, don’t jump the gun. Ensure the shell can form a proper seal with your vehicle, and there is no warping or bends. Consider color and repainting costs as well if you are planning on matching the top to your vehicle. If you drive around in a rare color, this expense may be unavoidable.

Finding Compatible Tundra Shell Models

In 1993 the T-100 mid-sized truck was introduced. This becomes what we call the Tundra. The first five years (‘93-’98) they were available in both short-bed extended cab as well as long-bed standard cab. From ‘99 until 2006, the Tundra had extended cab and crew cab trucks -which had slightly different beds from one another. The 2007-2013 Tundra models were given a full range of cab sizes. In 2014 the Tundra changed the standard bed size. These model changes need to be considered along with your cab size, bed size, and bed style. The exact same name and size might mean something different a decade later. Start on the Leer What Fits My Truck site to get an idea of the exact specifications you will need.

Finding Compatible Tundra Shell Models

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Using Craigslist and Social Media

The internet is going to be your main asset in your search. You are probably already pretty familiar with sites like Craigslist. This is an excellent place to start, but expect to spend upwards of a few months looking for something just right. If you need a specific color, expect the search to take even longer. Make sure to use the save search and notification features. The fact that you can use “Shell,” "Topper,” and “Cap” interchangeably makes this search challenging.

Social media is another way to network and find what you need. Go onto Toyota forums and ask questions. Facebook groups for Tundra owners will always have one or two people with an encyclopedia-like knowledge of where certain parts can be sourced.

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Using Craigslist and Social Media

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Non-Tundra Shells and Tops

It is possible to find tops and shells that were not made for your vehicle. Many of these will work with varying degrees of success. For example, some people opt for a semi-compatible shell to hold them over while locating the perfect match. Once you’ve found a Tundra camper shell that perfectly fits your vehicle, ensure you protect it with a truck cover. has the best range of car and truck covers available in semi-custom and custom designs for the most secure fit and the greatest level of protection. Browse our online search tool to find the perfect truck cover for your needs..

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