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5 Ways to Keep Your Cover from Blowing Away

By Ryan Wegman
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5 Ways to Keep Your Cover from Blowing Away


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A car cover is an effective way of maintaining the appearance and condition of your vehicle. It can prevent unwanted wear and tear from the sun, weather, and debris carried by the wind. The smallest stones or the gradual erosion from salt in the air can cause a surprising amount of damage.

But blowing off or shifting in high winds is an issue that often occurs with generic universal car covers, and a car cover that continuously blows away defeats the point of owning one. Fortunately, there are some counteractive measures you can take so your car cover performs optimally. From gust straps to a custom cover, here are five effective ways to keep your car cover in place even on the windiest days.

1. Ensure the Cover Is Fitted Correctly

To get the best performance from your car cover, you need to install the cover correctly to ensure that it does not come loose and blow away. There is a labeled front and back on a cover. Secure the front end of the cover to the front bumper of your vehicle and double-check that the elastic hem fits securely.

Next, carefully pull the rest of the cover over the vehicle, switching from one side of the car to the other to prevent the cover from snagging or bunching. Once you’ve cleared the vehicle roof, it should be easy to cover the vehicle’s rear end before securing the back end to the rear bumper. Correctly fitting your cover prevents gaps around the hem that can trap the wind and cause the cover to blow away.


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2. Get a Customized Car Cover

While generic car covers may provide suitable protection on a calm day or in a sheltered parking space, you can’t expect them to remain secure during adverse weather. By investing in a custom car cover, you can rest assured that the protective material is the perfect fit for your vehicle. Custom car covers feature pockets for side mirrors, antennae, and spoilers, depending on your vehicle make, model, and year. They also accommodate your car’s external modifications to achieve a snug fit that resists lifting even in high winds.

At, we offer custom car covers by Covercraft. Simply measure your car’s length, width, height, and several other areas, including ground clearance, fenders, or hood scoops. Then, we’ll give you a quote for a custom cover made from high-quality weatherproof materials that come with a market-leading 5-year warranty for your peace of mind.

3. Use a Car Cover Gust Strap

If your car cover is custom made and you fit it securely, but it still blows away, a car cover gust strap provides added security. The strap enables you to pull the open areas of the cover tightly, preventing the wind from loosening or moving the cover.

Despite its simple design, a gust strap is highly effective. It’s also inexpensive and easy to install.

Installation involves securing two straps to the lower part of your cover using gator clips. All you have to do is attach the clips and straps, and then pull the tension collar until everything is fitted adequately. For the sake of an extra few minutes fitting your car cover, it could save you a lot of money on potential repairs.


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4. Binder Clips

Binder clips provide a cheaper alternative to a gust strap. While they can be useful in securing your cover more tightly, they are not specifically designed for that purpose, so they’re unlikely to be as effective. After fitting your cover, use extra-large binder clips to attach onto your front and rear bumper and the underside of the chassis to achieve a tighter fit.

Plastic binders are less likely to damage your vehicle, but they may not be heavy enough in high wind. Ensure that the binders you use are heavy and durable and feature padding to protect against friction damage.

5. Fabric Snap Grommets

Fabric snap grommets are used to prevent UV-protective fabric from tearing. However, they can also secure and protect the vulnerable areas of a car cover. The key to using fabric snap grommets is to place several of them at both bumpers of the car, stabilizing the cover and helping you tie it down more securely.

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A Quality Car Cover Is Key

While clips, straps, and anchor points may give your vehicle cover added security when unexpected winds pick up, there is no substitute for a quality, customized car cover. A cover that fits properly is less likely to blow away than a cheap, generic alternative.

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February 16, 2021
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