3 of the Best Weatherproof Car Covers

Anyone who has ever lived in a cold, hot, or wet climate knows that the elements are the enemies of preservation. Leaving your vehicle open to the damaging effects of the seasons can fade its finish, negatively affect its performance, and chip away at its resale value. Of course, harsh weather is the mortal enemy of car-lovers for another crucial reason: Weather compromises the overall beauty of one of your prized possessions. Why risk it?

Why Invest in a Weatherproof Vehicle Cover?

Luckily, weatherproof car covers are an excellent way to protect your investment and keep it in tip-top shape. But which one is best? Although we hear a lot of talk about waterproof car covers, the truth is that you don't actually want a cover that creates a complete seal, as this could block air from passing through, creating a hospitable environment for mold, mildew, and rust.

Instead, you want a one-way barrier that keeps water from seeping in but still allows trapped moisture to escape. This kind of weatherproof car rain cover can help safeguard your vehicle from all kinds of threats, including scratches caused by dust; fading caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays; and the dreaded rusting, rotting, and cracking that occurs when something has been left outside for too long.

The Best Weatherproof Car Covers

We're here to help you find the best weatherproof car cover for your unique needs. The key is to look for covers made with waterproof materials and that have features like double-stitched seams to seal out moisture.

  • Platinum Shield Car Cover – Starts at $195Lightweight yet durable, the Platinum Shield is the most protective and best weatherproof car cover in our lineup. With double-stitched seams and a reflective polyurethane-coated polyester construction, this rugged cover keeps leaks out while reducing heat-based damage and shielding your vehicle from destructive UV rays. It also has an ultra-soft fleece lining to preserve and protect the finish. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you know it's built to last. It includes a free storage bag and a free cable and lock.
  • Ultimate Shield Car Cover – Starts at $155The Ultimate Shield is made of a long-wearing, multi-layer polypropylene material that makes it suitable for year-round outdoor protection from the elements. It also features a soft fleece liner to protect your car's finish and creates a reliable barrier against UV rays and heat-based damage. A layer of micro-porous film is sandwiched between the polypropylene layers to ensure breathability. This is our heaviest cover material, so, while it provides exceptional protection, it is not as lightweight as the Platinum Shield. It comes backed by a 10-year limited warranty. It includes a free storage bag and a free cable and lock.
  • Deluxe Shield Car Cover – Starts at $130Our most economical weatherproof car cover, the Deluxe Shield has a polypropylene construction appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. It features the same multi-layer polypropylene material as the Ultimate Shield and is chemically treated for UV stability. One of the main differences between this cover and the two above is that it doesn't feature a fleece lining. However, the inside does have a non-abrasive material to keep your finish in great condition. It comes backed by a five-year limited warranty and includes a free storage bag.

The Best Weatherproof Car Covers

At, we don't mess around with quality. Not when it comes to the quality of or product or the quality of our service. Our semi-custom car covers are protected by the best warranties in the industry and come backed by a 100 percent Fit Your Vehicle Guarantee. That means that if your cover doesn't fit, we'll gladly replace it at no cost to you. Shop now for the best car covers around!