8 Car Accessories That Make Wonderful Thanksgivukah Gifts

8 Car Accessories that make Wonderful Thanksgivukkah Gifts

Writer - John Linden

Looking for a great gift for Thanksgivukkah? First, you have to figure out what Thanksgivukkah is! For the first time since Thanksgiving was established, it falls on the first day of Hanukkah. This is the one and only time it will happen for thousands of years. Even if you’re not Jewish, you may still want to do something to mark this rare occasion of the convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. How do you celebrate? Well, if you know someone who loves classic cars, how about getting them a great car accessory? Here are eight different car accessories you could get someone for Thanksgivukkah.

Covers for your Vehicles

People who love their vehicles want to make certain they’re protected from the elements. To that end, many people purchase covers for them. While some people use them only when they have to leave their cars outdoors, some use these covers even when their car is in the garage to avoid getting it dusty.

  1. Truck covers – these covers are designed to cover your entire truck. They go across the entire cab and down over the bed. These covers are made of water-resistant fabric, but you can purchase special hard covers for the bed. Some of these covers are installed over the bed and can even be locked to protect your cargo.
  2. Car covers – these are the standard cover model. You can stretch these covers over the entire car to protect it from the weather, from dirt, or to keep people from seeing what you have in your car. For that extra special someone, consider Custom Fit Covers.
  3. SUV covers – these are larger sized covers designed to protect your SUV.

Interior Covers

While these large covers are designed to protect your entire vehicle, there are a few other types of covers you can buy for the interior.

  1. Dashboard covers – these lightweight cloth covers can be used to protect your dashboard from the sun. If the plastic is exposed to direct sunlight on a regular basis, the color can start to fade, and too much direct heat can even make the plastic start to crack.
  2. Heated seat covers – for those who want to ride without getting chilly! Heated seat covers are the height of luxury, and many people, especially those who live in cold areas, love them.

Other Gifts

  1. Floor mats – while cars come with floor mats, they do get dirty and wear down over time. You can replace them with brand new floor mats. You might even be able to get custom floor mats created.
  2. Microfiber cloths – you can never have enough of these! Everyone uses microfiber clothes for wiping down the interior and exterior of their car.
  3. Microfiber car duster – finally, you can use a microfiber car duster to remove dirt and grime very easily. The microfiber cloth attracts dust, making it a snap to get your interior sparkling.

Will you be celebrating Thanksgivukkah this year? If you do, be sure to get the car lover in your life (or yourself) a few of these accessories.