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Announcing The 2020 Scholarship Essay Contest Winner

Another year has passed and we've had a blast seeing all of these amazing scholarship essay entries. We've laughed, maybe even cried a little, but one thing is for sure: these stories helped to keep us sane during these crazy and ever changing times we've been challenged with all last year.

2020 was definitely one of the most far out and zany years I know many of us have ever faced. One thing that remained the same in the midst of all of the chaos is people's desire to strive for greatness in their own lives. In this case, a chance at winning some much needed financial aid to fuel their hunger and ignite desire to chase their dreams.

This past year proved to be quite inspirational for many, at least that's our assumption based on the entries our judges have reviewed. Great stories about our love for our automobiles, the fun times shared in them, the difficult times, too. Even the passing away of vehicles that continue to ignite the memories in our minds as we travel down the road of our lives.

Our winner for the 2020 “How to Make Your Car Last Forever“ essay contest had us captivated from the start. Her memories of the various modes of transportation that she encountered during her travels across the globe painted such a vivid image in our mind. She reminded us that in America's motor city, our love of cars and culture come together. The importance, the bond that a family car creates in our families, the awkward memories of shopping for a new vehicle with our parents, and everything involved with making these important life decisions.

Congratulations Jenny! If history has taught us one thing, it's that the stories we write in our lives, the ones that remind us of who we are, where we came from, and point to where we are going, are the same stories we tell that capture people's attention and captivate their imagination.