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Announcing The 2018 Essay Scholarship Winner

In an undisclosed location in Southern California, we discovered a diamond in the rough. Her assignment was to write about "How To Make Your Car Last Forever."

She starts off by capturing her readers' attention with an all too common statement of how many people treat their cars: "It starts with my previous car, which was a Chrysler Town and Country Minivan. I treated this car in very inappropriate ways, I never checked the fluids, the tires would need to be showing threads before I would get new ones. If it was knocking or pinging, I would wait till the noise was too loud to ignore or there was smoke coming out of the engine before I would have it looked at. Even then, I would have just anyone who said they could work on cars, try their hand at fixing the problem, sometimes for the cheapest price possible."

It was then that we knew we had a winner. A true storyteller; one that made an impression on us, to say the least. She captivated us with bold statements like when she said: "I also had 4 teens living at home and the debris and damage they inflicted on this car was so abusive, it was borderline criminal."

None of these statements had anything to do with making a car last forever. In fact, the statements were more like "How To Make Sure Your Car Doesn't Last Forever." But it's these details that are actually making the point: making the car the hero — even though it's not at the forefront of the story as the main character, but more of the supporting character role in the story. By the end of the story... Click here to continue