The Best Car Covers for Sun & Heat

During the hot summer months, the sun and heat can slowly damage the exterior and interior of your car. Most people are aware that the sun can affect the exterior paint job on their car, but they don’t consider how the sun and heat can affect their interior finishes. Fading and drying are the two most common issues caused by excess sun exposure in your vehicle. Prolonged sun exposure can dull the color of interior seats and carpets. Over time, heat from UV rays can cause cracks on the seats, dashboard, and steering wheel because it dries them out, so they become brittle.

There are also safety concerns related to the effect of the sun on a car’s interior. Heat can reduce the efficiency of antifreeze fluid, as well as damage airbags and belts. A high-quality car cover can help mitigate some of the risks of parking outdoors during the summer. For the ultimate hot weather protection, here are the best car covers for sun and heat.

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1. Deluxe Shield: Chemically Treated for UV Resistance

UV rays damage and fade a car’s paint over time, making a new vehicle look dull more quickly. Sun rays and heat can also damage the inside of your car. The sun can dry out the oils and cause cracks on leather or vinyl seats and fade fabric upholstery.

At, we offer covers like the Deluxe Shield Car Cover that are chemically treated to block harmful UV rays. The cover reduces heat-based damage, prolonging the lifespan of your vehicle’s interior and exterior while remaining snug and secure with reinforced grommets and an elastic hem.

Keep Your Car Protected with a Car Cover

2. Ultimate Shield: Multiple Layers

Ensure your car cover has at least three layers to provide maximum protection from the sun and other weather conditions, including rain and snow. We offer car covers with three, five, or six layers for maximum protection. Our multi-layered covers are almost impenetrable, and many have fleece-lined fabric to minimize damage to your car’s paint. The 5-layer Ultimate Shield Car Cover is a fantastic choice for a lightweight, multi-layer car cover that can protect your car in the summer, both indoors and out. It features multiple layers of polypropylene, with a layer of microporous film in between for breathability. The inside layer is a non-abrasive fleece to protect your car’s paint from scratches.

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3. Basic Shield: Reflective Color

Choosing a light color helps reflect the sun’s rays and protect your car from the heat. Silver or gray are common choices for outdoor car covers for this reason. Our Basic Shield Car Cover is a light gray, ideal for reflecting heat. It’s also extremely lightweight and breathable, so it’s perfect for indoor use. However, if you need to park your car on the driveway for a few hours while you perform some car maintenance work on another vehicle in the garage, protect it from excess heat with this basic cover.

The Basic Shield is also an excellent option for commuters who regularly need to park their car outdoors while at work. When you can’t find a shady parking space, our Basic Shield’s reflective properties provide long-lasting sun protection, preventing your car’s interior from heating to unbearable temperatures.

4. Platinum Shield: Heavy-Duty Material

Choose a car cover made from robust and thick materials. This keeps your car cover in good condition for longer and provides additional protection from the sun. Even in the winter months, the sun’s UV rays are still at work, potentially damaging your car and devaluing its resale price.

The Platinum Shield Car Cover is a fantastic choice for all-weather protection, standing up to snow, rain, bird droppings, and more. It’s chemically treated to shelter your car from UV rays, and it reduces heat damage to the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

The Platinum Shield is top-rated for sun and snow protection, plus it outperforms typical 5-layer covers. The cover is made of reflective UV-silver material that keeps the interior of the car cooler even when it’s hot outside. This cover features a urethane coating—a highly weather-resistant material that effectively reflects harmful UV rays. The inside layer of the platinum shield cover is made of soft fleece so it won’t scratch your car’s paint despite the heavy-duty weight of the cover.

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Protect Your Car from the Sun and Heat

A custom or semi-custom cover is an excellent way to protect your car from the sun this summer. You’ll no longer have to worry about seeking out shade before parking or being forced to leave your car in the garage all summer long. Simply invest in a UV-resistant cover from to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle.