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Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Writer John Linden

It’s one of the worst scenarios for a car owner – hail damage. Whether they are simply pebble-sized or golf ball hail, we all know what a damaging hailstorm does to our vehicles. It’s possible that hail damage might not be covered by your insurance policy, which is just another devastating blow.

How Hail Damages the Car

You might look at varying degrees of damage after a storm. It depends on how intense the storm was, where you parked the car and how large the hailstones were.

Hopefully, you only suffer from a few dings and dents, but significant storms cause massive destruction, not just to the car but also your home. Hail leads to more than $1 billion in damages every year, including vehicles. You might deal with broken glass, body damage or dents left in the car roof.

Your Car Insurance & Hailstorm Damage

You want to examine your auto insurance policy to see what’s covered. If you have comprehensive coverage, you have the safeguarding you desire against many hazards, including hail damage. If you only carry a basic liability policy, there’s nothing that will be done after a hailstorm.

Comprehensive coverage also protects you again vandalism, fires, animal damage and theft. It usually doesn’t cost that much more to carry this coverage on your policy, but the benefits are priceless.

If you experience a hailstorm, the best thing you can do is inspect the vehicle as soon as the storm passes. If you notice any damage, you want to file a claim immediately. This helps you get your car back in pristine condition as soon as possible.

Repairing Hail Damage

What might seem like minimal damage often goes ignored, but you should never let these dents and scratches go unrepaired. Hail damage must be fixed if you care about the resale value of your car, truck or SUV.

If the hail damage is minimal, it’s possible to have it popped out. Some shops even offer paintless dent repair, which is cost-effective and doesn’t take long. If your vehicle suffers from major hailstone damage, you will most likely need bodywork performed.

If you plan on selling your vehicle in the future, you want to have all of the dents and dings repaired properly. Many appraisers pick apart a vehicle when it comes time to value it. Even if you have a few blemishes on the paint, it can drop the appraisal from a Fair to Poor valuation.

Protect Your Car from Hail Damage

Being prepared for the hailstorm ensures that your vehicle remains in excellent condition. It doesn’t take much effort to protect your car and other property from danger.

If you live somewhere that hail occurs often, you want to pay attention to the weather forecast. Knowing what to expect helps you to prepare appropriately. If you suspect a thunderstorm is imminent, watch carefully for updates and take action immediately.

The best place to park your vehicle is under cover or in a garage. If you get caught out in the open during a hailstorm, you can follow these tips to increase your level of protection:

  • Look for a covered parking area

  • Pull off the road, when it is safe to reduce the impact of the hail

  • Carry a portable car cover with you for quick shelter

You also want to make sure you have comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy. This is paramount if you want the financial protection from hail damage and other events.

Car Covers for Hail Protection

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Featured Image credit: Hans / Pixabay