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How Much to Wrap a Car? All About Car Wrapping

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If you’ve ever wanted to personalize your car but don’t want to commit to a permanent paint job, car wraps are a great option. These stick-on decals allow you to alter the color, pattern, or finish of your vehicle without damaging the paint job underneath, so you can remove the wrap to restore your car’s original look. A car wrap can also help you minimize car maintenance and repair costs by protecting the exterior from flying road debris that could scratch your paintwork. Although a car wrap seems like the perfect combination of style and protection, it is important to consider the cost and whether it is worthwhile.

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What Is a Car Wrap?

A car wrap consists of decals made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) polymer mixed with additives to make it highly flexible. The ultra-thin decals are applied to your car’s panels using the adhesive backing; then, they are bonded in place with a heat gun. You can choose to wrap one, several, or all your panels, and the vinyl mimics regular car paint, repelling water and protecting the underlying metal structure. The vinyl decals are also UV resistant to prevent fading.

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Factors That Impact Car Wrapping Costs

The cost of wrapping your car varies depending on several factors, including:

• Professional vs. DIY

Car wrapping is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the intricate nature of applying the decals evenly means it can be challenging for a DIYer. Professional wrappers offer the best, most long-lasting results but cost more than wrapping the car yourself. If you choose to wrap your car yourself, you’ll need to invest in a heat gun and applicator and purchase the vinyl wraps. The cost of a 3M 10 ft² vinyl roll is around $36. An average car has around 250 ft² of paneling to cover, which means the approximate cost to DIY wrap a car is around $900.

• Finish

Chrome and other metallic finishes are more expensive than standard glossy wraps due to the materials used to create the decals. Matte and satin wraps also cost more than gloss but less than metallic wraps.

• Car Model

If you choose to have your car professionally wrapped, the cost depends on the size and model of your vehicle, as this affects the amount of coverage needed. A compact or coupe costs on average $2,000 for a full wrap. A large sedan or compact crossover will cost between $3,000 to $3,500, while a full-size SUV can cost upward of $4,000. Luxury vehicles and sports cars often have unique design features and require additional care when wrapping, which means they can cost over $7,000 to cover.

• Number of Panels

Because each panel is wrapped individually, you can choose how many panels to cover, whether you want to change the color of your roof, hood, or the whole car. The more panels you wrap, the higher the total cost.

• Car Modifications

If your car has extensive exterior mods, such as an aftermarket body kit, wrapping the car requires more intricate work and more decals, contributing to a higher overall cost.

How Long Does a Car Wrap Last?

The longevity of your car wrap depends on the car’s condition before it is wrapped. Significant damage and corrosion can make it impossible for the wrap to adhere properly, leading to air bubbles, brittleness, and peeling. If your car’s exterior is blemish-free, your car wrap can last 3-5 years with the right care. Avoid taking your car through drive-thru car washes, as the stiff bristle brushes can damage the vinyl. You should also avoid using a power washer when cleaning your car. Remove bird droppings and tree sap immediately, as they can corrode the wrap. And do not leave your wrapped car in direct sunlight for prolonged periods, as the intense heat can warp the vinyl.

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Protect Your Car with a Quality Cover

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While car wraps are an excellent way to personalize and protect your vehicle, a more affordable and effective way to protect your car’s exterior is with a high-quality car cover. semi-custom and custom car covers come in a wide range of styles to suit your level of coverage and protection.

For the best all-weather protection, try our Platinum Shield cover, which features a three-layer construction, including a soft fleece liner to minimize scratches, an insulating core to reduce heat damage, and a polyester outer coated in polyurethane to repel water and reflect UV rays. The front and rear elastic hem offer a snug fit while ensuring that it is quick and easy to apply and remove. You can provide added security against theft by using a cable and lock system, which you can attach to the reinforced grommets at the edges of the cover.

If you store your car indoors or have a luxury vehicle, our Black Satin Indoor cover is the ideal solution to combat dust, debris, and dents. The ultra-soft stretch satin fabric features double-stitched seams for added durability and is suitable for protecting your car’s clear coat.

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