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How Sun Damage Hurts Your Car's Interior And Exterior

By John Linden May 26, 2015 166 Views No comments

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, sunny day? Your vehicle, for one. The sun can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s exterior and interior. The first step in preventing sun damage is identifying how sun damage hurts. Here are two major ways sun damage hurts your vehicle.

  1. Discoloration

sun damaged car interior The sun’s rays will damage the interior of your vehicle over the years. Although the damage may not be immediately apparent, in the future, you will wish you had taken the necessary steps to prevent sun damage. If the sun is constantly shining on your vehicle, it is also constantly shining into your vehicle. This, of course, will cause your interior to discolour and fade. Your dashboard, seats and more will suffer.

  1. Peeling Paint

Sun damaged pain on the exterior of a car Heat from the sun will eventually cause your vehicle’s paint to peel. If you do not have a covered parking space at home and work, your vehicle’s paint is at risk. Unfortunately, paint repairs are often costly and time-consuming. Taking the steps to prevent the sun from damaging your car now will save you time and money in the future.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to prevent sun damage from hurting your vehicle is to invest in a car cover. A car cover will keep the sun from discolouring your interior and peeling your paint. Investing now will save you trouble in the future!

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