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How to Jump a Car

Jump starting a car for the first time seems intimidating for most people. Car batteries are dangerous, and placing the cables in the wrong position can have serious consequences. Following a series of simple steps can ensure that you do everything correctly to restart your car safely. Knowing how to jump a car is a useful skill. Instead of waiting for a mechanic to help you, you’ll be able to restart your vehicle with the help of another car.

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Protect Your Car Battery with Preventative Maintenance

Performing regular car maintenance and cleaning the battery with a paste made from water and baking soda can prevent it from draining more often than it should. You should also coat the battery terminals in corrosion-resistant spray. Ensure that the battery housing is securely tightened, as shifting during transit can cause that battery’s cables to disconnect.

You also need to protect your car’s engine and battery from the elements. Intense heat can cause the fluid in a battery to evaporate. This damages the battery’s internal structure and weakens its power. Investing in a custom car cover is an excellent way to protect your car from extreme weather. Our Platinum Shield car cover is a durable and resistant outdoor cover. It features a silver external layer that reflects UV rays and an insulating core layer, which can help to reduce your engine temperature when parked outdoors.

How to Jump a Car in 4 Simple Steps

Learning how to jump a car can be done in these four easy steps. The process involves using someone else’s car and battery to restart your own. You’ll connect both batteries with jumper cables and start the car’s engine with the functioning battery. This should recharge the dead car battery.

1. Prepare the Cars

Always keep a pair of jumper cables in your car’s trunk in case you need to restart your car or help someone else jump start their vehicle. If you already have jump cables, all you’ll need to do is find someone willing to assist you with your car. To jump a car, place both cars next to each other, and then switch off the engines. They should be close enough so that the cables can reach from the battery of one car to the other.

2. Locate the Batteries

Open both car hoods and locate the battery in each car. Most car batteries are fitted in the front of the car and to the side of the engine. However, in some cars like luxury sports cars and some vintage models the battery is located in the center or back for better weight distribution. Once you have located the batteries in both cars, you can connect both batteries with the jumper cables.

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3. Place the Cables

On each battery, identify the red and black terminals. The positive terminals are red, and the negative terminals are black. There should be one of each on each battery. Check that they are clean and free of corrosion. If the batteries are corroded, this might prevent you from starting your car.

When connecting the cables, the most important thing is to remember that the color of the clamps and the terminals should match. Place the red clamp on the red or positive terminal. Place the other end of the red cable on the red or positive terminal on the other vehicle. Then, connect the black clamp to the functioning battery. The black clamp should go on the black or negative terminal. Go back to the vehicle with the dead battery and connect the last black clamp to the corresponding black terminal.

4. Turn on the Ignition of the Working Vehicle

Now that all the cables are in place, start the vehicle with the working battery and allow it to run for a few minutes. This helps pass a charge to the dead battery on the other vehicle. After a couple of minutes, try starting the car with the dead battery. If the car doesn’t start, something is wrong with the battery, and you might need to call a road assistance service. If the car starts, remove the cables using the reverse order you used to connect them.

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Protect Your Car with a High-Quality Car Cover

Although jump starting your car is straightforward, prevention is the key to prolonging your car battery’s life. A car cover can minimize your car’s exposure to heat and extreme weather, protecting the exterior and preserving your car’s internal components.

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