Hot sun can be damaging to your vehicles finish

Weather vs. Car: The Battle Continues

The weather is a danger to your car’s exterior. Although the damage may not always be visible, the weather is consistently looking for new ways to harm your car’s exterior. There are three environmental factors that do quite a number on your car.

1. Sun

Sunny days often feel like great days to go for a leisurely drive through the city. Did you know that exposure to the sun is damaging your car? Specifically, the sun’s heat causes your paint to crack. Of course, exposure to the sun also causes paint discoloration.

2. Rain

Rain harms your car in more ways than one. Water causes cars to rust, which means rain will accelerate rusting. In addition, rain makes the roads wet, which typically means the parts beneath your car will get muddy.

3. Snow

Much like rain, snow fuels the rusting process. Snow also means there is a possibility of hail. Obviously, hail can lead to dents. Finally, snow can mean whiteout conditions. Driving in these conditions can be dangerous to both you and your car.

Now that you know the dangers of the weather, it is time to protect your car from these conditions. You can prevent the damages of rain and snow by reducing the amount of time you spend driving in these conditions. A car cover will also help in the event of rain or snow. Fortunately, a car cover will also help protect your car’s exterior from the sun, a difficult environmental factor to avoid.