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If you are looking for car covers with great pricing, you need to shop with us! We make covers that will hold up to all kinds of damage, from soil, wind, rain, snow, sleet, and sun, to harsh UV rays that can damage your paint. We ship for free anywhere in the United States and Canada and we make sure that every seat, wheel and tire, and interior part of your car is protected from the elements no matter how harsh. We make it our business to be sure that you get the perfect car cover for your needs every time that you shop with us.

All of our covers and products are backed by quality warranties and you can trust us to help you with your order if you need support. We want you to get the best car cover that you have ever owned and we think that providing superior customer support can help to do just that. We offer an email that you can use to talk to us, you can call us, or you can use the live chat feature on our site to get help with your order. We are always here for you when you need us and we make finding the perfect car cover a piece of cake every time.

Quality Design and Levels of Protection

All of our covers, from indoor covers to outdoor storage covers, are made to hold up to many years of use. These are not the same cheap, throw-away covers that many people have bought in the past. We do not make our covers with silly mirror pockets that mess up the fit and we do not create covers that are intended to fit every car in a category with ease. We offer you the perfect cover sizing for your unique shopping needs and your unique make and model of vehicle. Buying from us is just like buying a cover that was made for your car alone.

We offer two kinds of indoor storage cover that can be used to keep dirt and grime off your car when it is in the garage. This might seem like a great place to store your car without a cover, but the garage can provide its own challenges to the health of your car. Our Basic Shield cover offers the right level of protection for those who want to slip a cover onto their car when it is stored indoors without having to fight with fit or struggle with other issues that plague most indoor car covers.

Our satin shield cover is the upgraded version of this basic indoor cover and you can trust this stretchy and slinky cover to take on the toughest challenges that storage can throw at your car with ease. This is a luxurious cover that is very easy to apply and it looks so nice that you will be glad that you made the upgrade to this option. This cover is backed by a 10-year warranty and it is made to fit like a glove for any make or model of car that you want to protect with it. Both of our indoor covers come with a storage bag that will keep the cover out of the way and ready to use whenever you need it next.

Our outdoor covers are made with three levels of protection for your outdoor storage needs. Each of them will take care of wet, cold, snow, and wind and you can trust them all to block UV rays as well. The deluxe shield can be used indoors as well as outdoors and you will find that the 5-year warranty is a nice added bonus to making this choice. This is a great cover for a really good value and you will be able to trust it to take on heat and cold as well as UV rays without breaking stride.

Our ultimate shield comes with a 10-year warranty and can also be used indoors or outdoors. This cover is the perfect choice to make if you get high winds in your area. This is a heavyweight cover compared to the other outdoor covers that we make and it can take on stormy weather with ease. This can be a really nice cover choice if you live in places that experience really intense storms or if your area gets a lot of snow each year or lots of ice.

Our Platinum Shield is made to take on any kind of weather that you can imagine. This is our best-selling cover for good reason since the design is so meticulous and it offers our very best fit as well as the best blend of materials for your outdoor car storage needs. This cover will take on snow, heat, UV rays, and more without trouble and it is light and easy to put on and take off of your car. This is a great cover to choose for year-round protection for weather challenges of all kinds.

Durable and Well-Made

Our covers are really durable and they are made to take on tough weather conditions with ease. You can count on the double-stitched seams to keep their shape and the way that they are made prevents them from scuffing your paint. The layers of our covers are made to pair with one another perfectly so that you will not have to fight fit issues or struggle with putting your cover on or taking it off. There are few other car covers on the market that are so meticulously constructed and we are proud of the way that this improves the fit and function of your cover.

We are always taking the time to reinvent our covers based on reviews and to make them better. We are not selling a cover that we made years ago and have not improved. We are selling covers that are carefully redesigned as needed to be sure that they will work perfectly for your needs. This is one of the main reasons that we are so far ahead of the curve of other car cover makers. We prevent issues with our cover's performance by making sure that we look at any chance that we have to improve them.

Many other car cover companies will make a cover that fits a few makes and models of cars and call it a day. We would never do this to our customers and we make sure that every car that we sell a cover for will get a product that fits perfectly. One-size-fits-all is not a good way to run a business and we make sure that this is never an issue when you are shopping with us. Between our quality design work and the materials that we have chosen, and our commitment to improving our product, you will get the perfect cover every time you shop with us!

Car ownership can be easier than ever if you have a cover for your vehicle that keeps maintenance at bay and makes it simple for you to trust that your car is safe and secure. Not everyone has a garage to store their car in and not everyone can keep their car away from the risks of scuffs, scratches, and dirt that storage can offer. This is why you need one of our quality covers to make sure that your vehicle is not damaged and is ready to head out on your next trip whenever you want to go!

You can get both an indoor and outdoor cover for the same car if you wish, or you can just use your outdoor cover to handle the tough conditions in your area when your car is not in the garage. There is nothing like having a durable and well-made car cover on your side for peace of mind and we can offer you the choice of many different levels of car cover for your car storage needs. You will never have to worry about your vehicle again when you are using one of our quality covers for your storage solution.

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