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Dodge Ram 1500 Truck Car Covers

Weather damage is a serious thing, even for hardy vehicles like the Dodge Ram. Prolonged exposure to adverse weather conditions can affect more than just the exterior of your car; car engines and other essential features have been known to break down when left without proper protection.

One of the best ways to protect your Dodge Ram 1500 Truck's exterior is to simply buy a Custom cover. We offer a huge range of car covers to suit all manner of vehicles, from cars to trucks, golf carts to jet skis. That’s because we know that ill-fitting and poorly designed covers simply don’t do the job. We ensure our products are the highest quality covers and protective accessories, and we make them available at affordable rates. If you’re looking to protect your Dodge Ram, you’ve come to the right place.

Premium Covers

Our premium truck covers are available for any Crew Cab and alternative model Dodge Ram, so that you know your vehicle is safe, whatever the weather. Your Dodge might take a beating when it’s out on the trail, but when it’s back home you want to make sure it’s getting the rest it deserves.

Any vehicle stored outdoors is vulnerable to the elements—UV rays, rain, wind, snow. Give your truck the best chance to survive the harsh winter or boiling summer with a custom Platinum Shield cover. The reflective cover gives you water resistance while the soft interior gives you body cushioning.

Car Covers for your Dodge Ram 1500 Truck are important, even for those with covered parking. Our Black Satin Shield cover is designed to prevent harmful accumulations of dust and even stave off accidental bumps and scrapes from wandering hands.

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With CUSTOM FIT Truck Car Covers & Accessories for your Dodge Ram 1500 Truck along with over 100 other makes and models, it's easy to understand why people prefer to shop with us. Talk to a member of our customer team today to find the perfect car cover for you, and take advantage of our free and fast delivery across the USA and Canada. If you’re living outside North America, you’re in luck: we ship internationally too.

History of the Dodge Ram

The Dodge Ram, also known as the Ram pickup, is a full-size pickup truck manufactured by Chrysler Group LLC and marketed under the Ram Trucks brand. The Ram name was first used in 1981 during the redesigned Ram and Power Ram launch. Here's a summary of the Ram history:

The First Generation (1981-1993)

  • Dodge began displaying a Ram hood ornament
  • Ram model sported larger wraparound tail lamps, a newly designed headlamp, & new body lines
  • Interior updated with a new style of the bench seat & a new three-pod design for the internal instrument cluster & dashboard

The Second Generation (1993 – 2002)

  • Redesigned with new design and styling
  • New options for the engine

The Third Generation (2002 – 2008)

  • New design that was bigger & more aerodynamic than previously
  • The interior was also redesigned
  • Introduced new engine options

The Fourth Generation (2009 – 2018)

  • Completely new design
  • Redesigned interior with new materials and technology
  • Updated engine options

The Fifth Generation (2019 - present)

  • New design that is more aerodynamic and modern than previous models
  • Redesigned interior with new materials and technology
  • Updated engine options

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Best Selling Dodge Ram 1500 Truck Covers

Our Best Selling Truck Cover for OUTDOOR Use

For outdoors we recommend our top selling cover! This is our most durable cover for outdoor use. It is designed to hold up in all types of extreme weather from rain, snow, high UV and sun exposure, and more!

Additionally, if you plan to use your cover outdoors, we highly recommend adding the optional Gust Strap Wind Protector when you click add to cart. The wind straps will keep the cover on during windy or stormy times.

Platinum Shield Truck Cover For Dodge Ram 1500 Truck
Platinum Shield Truck Cover


Regular Price: $419.95

"I ordered the Platinum Shield cover for my truck. The cover fit my truck like a glove. I highly recommend this cover. Very durable. Ordering was very easy and to the point." -Debra B.

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NEW Platinum Quality Material! Platinum Shield Truck Covers provide top level protection against all the elements including rain, snow, wind, UV / Sun rays, and more. Extremely durable exterior with soft fleece lining on interior.
* Outperforms 5L Covers *

Platinum Shield Car Cover

mobile platinum images

Our Best Selling Truck Cover for INDOOR Use

For Indoor Use, we recommend the Satin Shield car cover. Highly form-fitting and ultra-plush, Satin Shield is our softest and most luxurious material ideal for indoor storage.

Indoor Black Satin Shield Truck Cover For Dodge Ram 1500 Truck
Indoor Black Satin Shield Truck Cover


Regular Price: $359.95

"My truck cover arrived two days before the expected delivery date. It was very easy to install, and it fit my truck perfectly!" - Kent P.

  • Guaranteed Fit
  • 30-Day Returns
  • Free Shipping
  • In Stock
  • Ships next Business Day

Indoor Only! Our softest, most luxurious material made for your garage kept vehicle. A satin-like stretchy material that is soft both inside and out. This cover is sure to please as it comes with our highest customer satisfaction rating of all covers!

Black Satin Shield Car Cover Rating

Mobile Satin