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No Tape Measure? We've Got You Covered?

We have taken all the guess work out of selecting which cover will fit your vehicle. By inputing your year, make and model of your vehicle in our vehicle dropdown selector above, our system's algorithm determines which size cover your vehicle needs. With multiple products for almost every vehicle, you are bound to find the right one. From motorsports and powersports to reacreational and more, we'll get you covered.

We've Done All The Work, So You Don't Have To!

We have been providing customers and their vehicles with protection for over 10 years! We know what our customers go through on a daily basis, sometimes the weather and nature aren't too friendly to our vehicles. Here at carcovers.com we have put our products through the test before offering them to you. Our outdoor Weatherproof covers are Rain, Snow, UV Ray, Dirt, Tree Sap and Bird Dropping resistant. Parking under a sappy tree will be the least of your worries. We are confident you will find an outdoor weatherproof cover for your vehicle in no time using our website's dropdown menu.

Save Time! (And also water)

Tired of spending every Saturday Washing vehicles that sit there for days and months at a time? Whether the vehicle is a sight for sore eyes, or just a sore sight. Wash it and Cover it! Our covers are designed to keep unwanted elements from laying a finger on your vehicle squeeky clean clear coat. From snow, sun, bird droppings, dust or high winds (we recommend our optional gust straps) we can help keep your vehicle cleaner longer, meaning less frequent washes (unless you want to). Whether it's weather, or not, we have options for indoor and outdoor covers to keep you vehicle clean until you're back on the road.


You Have Options!

Whether you just invested in a sleek new ride, or restored a 1940's ol' beauty. We have a selection of covers for every vehicle make, model and year. You are no longer confined to only the garage or garage port. Store your ATV in the driveway or the backyard and cover it with our Weatherproof Max until your next off road experince. Better yet, cover your Grandfather's Lincoln Town Car with our Platinum shield, secure it with a cable and lock and have peace of mind. Most of our Top Of The Line covers come with a fleece lining to help preserve your vehicle's clear coat. Regardless of the reason, we can help you protect your vehicle.